Wine-Growing Region Palatinate

Germany's Second Largest Wine-Growing Region

With almost 23,700 hectares, the wine-growing region "Pfalz" is the second largest German wine-growing region and has some superlatives to offer: The largest wine festival in the world in Bad Dürkheim and the famous wine route "German Wine Route".

Above all, however, the Palatinate has a clear profile: the Palatinate is the number one Riesling land. The area under cultivation of the "king of white wines" is constantly growing, making the Palatinate the largest Riesling region in the world with almost 5,500 hectares. The Palatinate also stands for top red wines of outstanding quality. Almost 40 percent of the vineyard area is planted with red varieties - making the region also Germany's largest red wine region. The main role is played by Dornfelder, along with Pinot Noir and Portugieser.

Burgundies continue to be an important part of the Palatinate range. Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris are among the flagship varieties of many wineries; like the wines of the Palatinate as a whole, they are usually vinified dry. The Palatinate is the market leader in the field of Weißherbst, which are mostly made from Portugieser grapes. The fresh, salmon-coloured summer wines can be found at the region's numerous wine festivals and are just as good enjoyed on the terrace after work. Another speciality of the Palatinate is the St. Laurent grape variety, which has been saved from extinction by many winegrowers. Today it delights wine lovers with velvety, full-bodied red wines.

Other wines of the region are Blanc de Noir, a white-grained red wine variety - mostly Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir and Regent, which was bred by the Geilweiler Institute for Vine Breeding in Siebeldingen as a fungus-resistant grape variety.  


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