Land & People

Introducing the German Wine Route Region

The German Wine Route is characterised by many influences: the heterogeneous landscape, the mild climate, the hospitable people, the culture of celebration and Palatinate enjoyment. It stands for sustainability, nature, tradition and regionality! As an officially certified "Sustainable Destination", we are consciously committed to our region - from arrival, to nature-oriented offers, to departure. 

For us, people and the protection and care of the intact natural and cultural landscape are at the centre of our considerations. We go with the seasons and promote tourism in harmony with nature. Economic success, ecological compatibility and social responsibility go hand in hand. Responsible use of natural resources and the potential of our region is very important to us. We cultivate our Palatinate festival culture and are proud of our modern tradition.

Sustainable Partner Companies

The German Wine Route has built up a partner network in which businesses from different sectors are committed to sustainable development in the region.

Sustainable Accommodation

Numerous accommodation businesses are committed to many areas of…
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Sustainable producers & manufactures

Many local producers are committed to sustainable development.
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Sustainable wineries

Wholeness is the premise of many wineries.
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Sustainable restaurants

The abundance of regional products is reflected on the plates.
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Stories to Inspire

Flying Through the Forest

Hook up the carabiner, push yourself off and you'll be whizzing through the…
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A Taste of Freedom

Behind the vineyards of the German Wine Route, the dark green Palatinate…
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Let's go Palatinate!

A 72h experience report of a family, using the Pfalzcard at the German Wine…
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Valley low... (Part 1)

With the bus line 485 from Bad Dürkheim to the valley of the valleys.
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A summer with Max Slevogt

A short biography of Max Slevogt
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The German Wine Tourist Route

Germany's first wine tourism route runs for 85 km through the Palatinate.
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Trekking Palatinate

Your nature adventure in the Palatinate Forest and Palatinate Mountains
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Pälzer Keschdeweg

The approximately 60 km long hiking trail leads you through the Pfälzerwald…
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Uffbasse "For Consideration and Nature Conservation"

Be considerate of everyone on the road and especially of nature!
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