Wine Country Palatinate

The German Wine Route – a certified Sustainable Destination


85 extraordinary kilometres. From Bockenheim in the north down to Schweigen in the south. Welcome to the German Wine Route in the Palatinate region! Here, woodland is intermingled with vineyards to create a unique cultural landscape. There are spectacular castles and palaces as far as the eye can see. An excellent network of hiking trails and cycle paths provides easy access all round. And fine wine and exquisite culinary delights are always on the menu. But at the heart of it all is the idea that we need to show respect and avoid wasting resources, even when enjoying time away from the daily grind. After all, we want to preserve this precious natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations to enjoy. And that’s why the German Wine Route holiday region has been certified as a Sustainable Destination since 2020.

Sustainable Destination

And that’s why we were the first region in Rhineland-Palatinate to become a certified Sustainable Destination back in December 2020. This accolade demonstrates our commitment to sustainable tourism and our mission to work with local businesses to stay sustainable. For us, the certification process is a way to ensure that we continue to improve our sustainability activities (and those of our partners) in the long term.

Sustainable partners

With #nadierlich (Natural), we combine a commitment to nature with a clear commitment to the mission of sustainability.  If the Palatinate is one thing in its essence, it is #nadierlich.

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Discovering the region together

Whether you’re exploring as a group, family or couple and whether or not you’re mingling with the locals, the important thing is to make memories you can share forever. Spending quality time with other people helps us to relax and enjoy ourselves on holiday. When it comes to sustainability, we’re all in it together too.

  Discover and Experience


Sustaining the wonderful natural world

The human race needs the natural world to survive. We’re part of nature and it’s down to us to take responsibility for it. You can feel good and do good on holiday, you know. We’re committed to preserving nature so we can continue to enjoy it for a long time to come (hopefully forever).

 The German Wine Route – a certified Sustainable Destination



The German Wine Route wouldn’t be the same without nature. In the Palatinate region, the locals have been working and evolving with nature all along. It’s actually difficult to separate them at this stage. Where else is nature shown off in a more delightful light and with such a focus on sustainability?

 Hiking & Cycling


Embracing the Palatinate way     

Authenticity is one core value behind the German Wine Route. The locals wear their hearts on their sleeves – there’s no holding back around here. And it’s exactly this openness and transparency that makes the Palatinate region such a popular destination. Open arms welcome encounters that will stay with you forever.  

 Celebrate with us: Cheers the Palatinate!

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Hiking & Cycling

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