...Town, Countryside, Woodland

Stop 1: Deutsches Tor (German Gate)

Start your day on the right note with a shopping spree in Landau or a trip to Landau Zoo. Afterwards, hop on to the 531 bus on the Queichtal transport network and set off on a cross-country adventure through the vineyards – all the way to the Palatinate Forest.

Stop 2: Ilbesheim, Schule (Ilbesheim, School)

The Kleine Kalmit is an elevation 270 metres above sea level between Arzheim and Ilbesheim. You can see the chapel on top of it from far and wide. A botanical paradise, the Kleine Kalmit is also the ideal location for a vineyard thanks to its shell limestone soil. Top tip: Enjoy the view from the Kalmitwingert vineyard over a picnic

Stop 3: Klingenmünster, Pfalzklinikum (Palatinate Clinic) 

If you’re happy to walk a short way (around 20 minutes), head up to Landeck Castle from Klingenmünster. The beautiful view of the Rhine valley and the medieval vibes mean you won’t regret it. And if you arrive just in time for lunch, we’d recommend stopping to enjoy the tasty local dishes coming out of the castle kitchen. 

Stop 4: Silz, Wildpark (Silz Wildlife Park)

Silz Wildlife Park is home to 400 animals representing 15 European species, many of which you’re sure to come across on the two trails of different lengths around the park. You can get surprisingly close to the animals, including cheeky goats in the petting zoo, wild boars, wolves, red deer and fallow deer. If you’re travelling with kids, they’re sure to love the adventure playground here. It even has a giant slide!

Stop 5: Völkersweiler, Ortsmitte (Völkersweiler, Village Centre)

Völkersweiler (around a 20-minute walk away) is one of three places where you can go on a hike with Palatinate Llamas. Llamas are calm, quiet and gentle walking buddies who will follow you wherever you take them. The walk from Völkersweiler lasts 90 minutes across the rocks. 

Stop 6: Wernersberg Abzweigung (Wernersberg Junction) or Annweiler, Heller

Does trekking sound like an amazing adventure through the remote wilderness in faraway lands to you? It’s actually something you can do right here in the Palatinate! One of the 15 trekking spots in the local area is between Wernersberg and Annweiler. Time to pack up your tent, grab your backpack and set off!

Stop 7: Annweiler-Bahnhof (Annweiler Train Station)

From here, you can always take the train all the way back to Landau. Our bus tour ends in Annweiler am Trifels. You can choose to eat a leisurely ice cream at this point or start using the SÜW Erlebnis app to plan your route to Trifels Castle.

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Ideally, you’ll get a Pfalzcard from your accommodation provider. That way, you won’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost you to get around. Having said that, VRN (the transport network operating throughout the Palatinate) and KVV (covering the southern Palatinate region only) have plenty to offer off-peak travellers. For example, you can take your bike on board for free after 9 am. If you buy a day ticket or a family day ticket, children and grandchildren under the age of 14 can travel for free. Plus, the new tariff (eTarif and Tickin apps) is based on distances as the crow flies, which is bound to save you money.