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Palatinate Wine - Cultural Asset, Luxury Food and Accompaniment to Good Regional Cuisine

More than 100 million vines are spread over 85 kilometres along the German Wine Route in the Palatinate, Germany's second largest wine-growing region. The extremely mild climate with over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year ensures that the vines ripen particularly high-quality, aromatic grapes. 

Not only the winegrowers but also the restaurateurs on the German Wine Route can choose from a wide range of great products. The great abundance of regional products can also be found on the plates of many restaurants and cafés. Stop in and see for yourself.


Sustainable Partner Businesses

Regionality is important to us as a sustainable destination - to you too?

Numerous local producers promote biodiversity, farm ecologically and are committed to sustainable development through various awards and certificates. You can enjoy regionally produced products all along the German Wine Route.

Sustainable restaurants

The abundance of regional products is reflected on the plates.
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Sustainable producers & manufactures

Many local producers are committed to sustainable development.
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Sustainable wineries

Wholeness is the premise of many wineries.
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Farm Shops Along the German Wine Route

Welcome to nature's delicatessen: In our farm shops and at the farmers'…
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Stories to Inspire

Princesses and Queens of the Wine

The Palatinate Wine Queen represents the wine-growing region of the Palatinate. 

She is chosen in Neustadt an der Weinstraße by a jury of experts in the course of a professional survey and election. The candidates who do not win the election become Palatinate Wine Princesses and take on further appointments in the year of office. You can find more information here.

Pfälzische Weinhoheiten bei der Krönung

Election of the German Wine Queen in Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Every year, the German Wine Queen is elected from all the regional wine queens of the 13 wine-growing regions in the Saalbau in Neustadt. First, six finalists are selected in a preliminary round, and the German Wine Queen is accompanied by two wine princesses during her year in office. You can find more information here.

Wine Festival

The people of the Palatinate like to celebrate well, especially with their…
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Vinotheques on the German Wine Route

Enjoy wines - in appealing modern vinotheques.
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The Wineries

Find your winery on the German Wine Route.
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Wine-Growing Region Palatinate

Germany's Second Largest Wine-Growing Region
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