Therapy According to Kneipp

Natural medicine according to Father Sebastian Kneipp has a long tradition. Not only since its rediscovery as a health trend - but as a supporting element in therapy and prevention. Our modern everyday life stresses us to our limits - and often beyond. Mind and body have to withstand ever-increasing pressure, until at some point we experience symptoms that we like to play down as "common illnesses", but which are in fact serious warning signs of an overtaxed organism: 

  • Tension
  • Nutritional and digestive problems
  • Sleep and concentration problems
  • Back problems
  • states of exhaustion

5 Säulen nach Kneipp im Kurpark Bad Bergzabern

This is where Kneipp's natural medicine with its five active principles finds meaningful application, because it combines effective therapies that are easy to learn and apply. Where else could beneficial therapeutic measures in the spirit of Kneipp be better combined with the experience of a magnificent cultural landscape, the healing climate in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park and thermal healing waters from the depths.

Kneipp facilities with water treading pools in the German Wine Route holiday region:

  • Stadtpark Grünstadt
  • Bockenheim, am Haus der Deutschen Weinstraße
  • Carlsberg-Hertlingshausen, am Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof
  • Battenberg
  • Kurpark Bad Dürkheim
  • Landau-Nußdorf, am Nußdorfer Weinerlebnispfad
  • Kurpark Annweiler
  • Leinsweiler
  • Kurpark Bad Bergzabern