Hiking Events on the German Wine Route

A Different Kind of Hiking!

Llama Hikes on the German Wine Route

Llamas have an extraordinary charisma: they are sociable, calm and friendly. These qualities have a balancing and relaxing effect on us humans.

Let yourself in for a special encounter. Shift down a gear and enjoy an eventful tour along the German Wine Route or in the Palatinate Forest with this extraordinary immigrant from South America. Be it as part of a birthday, a company outing or with friends, fun is guaranteed and you will be doing something good for your health, your soul and your body. 


Donkey Hike Southern Palatinate

If you go hiking with a donkey, you let the animal control the pace. In return, they will gladly take your backpack. Despite their stubbornness, donkeys radiate a good portion of composure, which soon passes over to the fellow hiker. Experience the calming closeness of the animals and much more. You'll notice how your head clears and how intensely all your senses suddenly come back to life.


Culinary Wine Walks

Months Events
  Red wine hike Freinsheim
  Experience in red, Landau-Nußdorf
  Vineyard night Bad Dürkheim
  WineWalkingWeekend Palatinate
  Wine Hike Weisenheim/Berg
  WEINperPEDES Bockenheim
  Weyher Wine Panorama
  Culinary hike to Himmelreich, Herxheim/Berg
  Experience in white, Landau-Nußdorf
  Culinary hike around fruit, asparagus and wine, Erpolzheim  
  Birkweiler Wine Spring
  Vineyard hike Höllenpfad, Grünstadt-Sausenheim
  Culinary hike around the Quetsch, Weisenheim/Sand
  Culinary vineyard hike Siebeldingen



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