When the sun shines down over the landscape of the Palatinate, its light warms the soul as well. The hachured vineyards bring order to this land full of bold, tree-lined avenues and sleepy villages, where the green ridge of the Palatinate Forest offers a warm welcome for visitors. Even the Romans were quick to appreciate the mild climate in this region as they planted the first vines here two millennia ago. Today, wine characterises the entire 85-kilometre length of the German Wine Route. Together with trees bearing almonds, figs, lemons and chestnuts, it impresses upon visitors a sense of the easy-going southern European lifestyle. The almond blossom – which paints a bold pink stripe through the Palatinate from Bad Dürkheim to Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the early spring – welcomes visitors with fresh air, a delicate aroma and early sunrises. The cafés, restaurants and kitchens along the German Wine Route will tempt you to try gateaux, jellies and syrups with a delicate almond blossom aroma – in addition to almond chocolate, truffles and almond blossom ice cream. Then, in June, it's time for the blooming of the vines and chestnuts – known here as "Keschde" – holding the promise of ripeness and a bountiful harvest in autumn.

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