German Wine Route Cycle Trail

At just under 100 kilometres, this cycle trail takes cyclists on a journey of discovery through Germany's second-largest wine-growing region and allows them to experience the most beautiful parts of the sun-kissed Palatinate.

The 100 kilometres of the German Wine Route Cycle Path from Bockenheim in the north to Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the south close to the French border offer vineyards and picturesque villages in abundance, as well as fantastic views over the Rhine Plain and the Palatinate Forest. Many castles and palaces are testimony to the region's eventful history. It's always worth stopping off in one of the many wine taverns or restaurants along the route. The wine-growers also look forward to your visit. We enjoy magnificent views especially along the alternative routes of the German Wine Route. ... read more

Salier Cycle Path

The Salier Cycle Path takes cyclists from the German Wine Route to the Rhine. It is flat, family-friendly, ideal for leisure cyclists and offers world-famous attractions and cities.

Between the wine-producing spa town of Bad Dürkheim, the Nibelungen city of Worms with its cathedral and the Imperial city of Speyer, the cycle path takes visitors through vineyards, along the Rhine, across meadows and through fields of different vegetables. The route is shaped like a figure-of-eight with the central point of the eight in Lambsheim, so that cyclists can either cycle the whole route or a circular route in the north or the south (each one 60 km long). ... read more

Palatinate Forest Mountain Bike Park

Cycling enthusiasts take winding trails under gnarly pines and majestic beech trees, past bizarre variegated sandstone towers and fabulous castles with panoramic vistas in the Palatinate Forest Mountain Bike Park.

There's plenty of refreshment en route at numerous natural springs, sparkling Riesling spritzers in rustic lodges in the cool shade of the trees. ... read more

Herb and Root Cycle Path / Kraut- und Rüben-Radweg

The Herb and Root Cycle Path leads along well-built cycle paths and quiet local roads through vineyards, orchards and fields of vegetables. The farms that line the route offer their produce and lots of tempting, tasty treats for sale.

This farming-themed cycle path leads through the Upper Rhine Plain and the Palatinate wine-growing region, offering a wealth of views of tobacco, asparagus and strawberry fields, vineyards and the Palatinate Forest. Along the route, cyclists can expect to meet agriculture "hands-on", from production to the enjoyment of delicious gastronomic delights. Thanks to its primarily flat route, the cycle path is exceptionally family-friendly and is highly recommended for leisure and recreational cyclists. "Action Day" is held every year on the 2nd Sunday in June. ... read more

Queichtal Cycle Path

From the source of the River Queich at Hauenstein, this cycle path leads past many interesting museums to Germersheim.

The predominantly flat cycle path follows the course of the River Queich from its source at Hauenstein to its confluence with the Rhine at Germersheim. Along the route you'll be able to explore many museums, like the German Shoe Museum in Hauenstein, the Museum under the Trifels in Annweiler, the Landau Town Archive or the Fortress Museum in Germersheim. You'll also have an opportunity to take a boat trip on the Rhine. ... read more

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