3-Burgen-Blick | Annweiler am Trifels

Nice view from Annweiler-Gräfenhausen to the castles Trifels, Anebos and Scharfenberg (Münz).

Salzgrotte | Maikammer

The effect of salt has been known for thousands of years, especially in allergy sufferers, respiratory and skin diseases. But also in the case of stress, rheumatism or thyroid function, the quality of [...]

"Zum Jagdschloss" | Höningen

A barrier-free restaurant allows a hiking stop. Have also a room for Events. 100 seats inside and 100 seats outside

Keltischer Ringwall Heidenmauer | Bad Dürkheim

Celtic Ring Wall “Heidenmauer”: This “heathen wall” was erected around 500 B.C as a protective ring wall around the Celtic settlement (Oppidum). The wall is 2,5 km long and encloses an area [...]

Kriemhildenstuhl | Bad Dürkheim

Roman Stone Quarry of “Kriemhildenstuhl”: The most unusual sight to see in this, the best-conserved Roman quarry north of the Alps, is the original antique “Graffiti der Römer”. Engravings and other [...]

Beauty Lounge Medical Day Spa | Bad Dürkheim

The Beauty Lounge in the Kurpark-Hotel is the ideal place to activate the energy reserves of your body. A multitude of body and beauty treatments makes sure you will get pampered and relax [...]

castle ruin Madenburg | Eschbach

The castle ruin Madenburg is amongst the largest castle grounds in the Palatinate. Built in the 11th century as an imperial castle, the Madenburg changed owners several times, burned down [...]

Historische Metzgergasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

A very narrow street leading from the market square to the Kunigundenstrasse containing a number of archways displaying old guild signs. The houses offer an insight into the appearance of [...]

Scheffelhaus | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Das Scheffelhaus – Marktplatz Nr. 4: “The gabled house, which every one knows...” was a song written by Victor von Scheffel to commemorate this outstanding building built in 1580 in the [...]

St. Jakobus Kirche | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

In Oberhambach you will find the Jakobuskirche, a baroque church with fortified tower and wall paintings dating back to the 12th Century.

Rinnthal | Rinnthal

Rinnthal in Trifelsland. The village is situated in the Queichtal Valley. There are red sandstone rocks around like Buchholzfelsen and Kostenfels. Well marked hiking trails are inviting [...]

Flaggenturm | Bad Dürkheim

Flaggenturm: The “Coffee Mill”, is an eight-sided flag tower which has looked over the picturesque vineyards of “Fuchsmantel”, to the southwest of Bad Dürkheim, since the year 1854. The embattled [...]

Museum unterm Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels

In the middle of the historical city of Annweiler am Trifels the "Museum unterm Trifels" is situated within three half-timbered houses. It shows an interesting presentation of the history of [...]

Gradierbau | Bad Dürkheim

The Graduation Tower is the longest of its kind and the 333 metres generates a breath of sea air throughout the spa garden. The salt water trickles down hrough a wall consisting of 250,000 [...]

Juliusplatz mit St. Marienkirche | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Juliusplatz with St. Marien – Neustadt from its most attractive side: The neo-Gothic church steeple of the Parish Church St. Marien towers over one of the most beautiful corners of Neustadt, [...]

Waldhambach | Waldhambach

Waldhambach in Trifelsland. The village is located in the Kaiserbach Valley beneath the castle Madenburg. Madenburg is a worthwile destination for hiking tours. You can have a lot of fun [...]

Spielbank Bad Dürkheim | Bad Dürkheim

The Spa Hotel and Casino: Situated at the upper end of the spa gardens are the venues for summer dancing. The casino offers classical casino games such as roulette, touch bet roulette, black jack and  [...]

Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe | Edenkoben

Villa Ludwigshöhe “A villa in the Italianate style, exclusively for the summer months and in the most clement part of the kingdom” – Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben was a dream come true for [...]

Café Konditorei Centner | Maikammer

Movelo pedelec battery exchange station (batteries can only be used in combination with movelo e-bikes), pedelec season: May – October     There is a wide variety of daily fresh cakes and [...]

Street One Store | Bad Dürkheim

Street One - A new collection every monthAlways new, always fashionable - this is what the Street One Store at Stadtplatz 1 in Bad Dürkheim offers. The styles of Street One can be flexibly [...]

Kalmithaus | Maikammer

The Kalmithaus can be reached via the L 515. Exit Maikammer-Alsterweiler, Kalmithöhenstraße, Kalmit-Parkplatz. After a short, somewhat more difficult or longer and very comfortable walk, [...]

Burgruine Meistersel | Ramberg

Meistersel is one of the oldest castles in the Palatinate, probably built already in Salian times, in the 11th century.

Saalbau | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Der Saalbau - Neustadt’s “Front Parlour” Builtbetween 1871 - 1873, during the unification of Germany, the Saalbau today is a convention centre, a theatre, a ballroom and the traditional [...]

Restaurant Moro | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Welcome to Restaurant „moro“   Love, Passion and Belief, -the best basis for everything- and the foundation from which restaurant “moro” was created.   Sincere hospitality and the pleasure [...]

Kalmitbad | Maikammer

Modern leisure and adventure pool with 1,750 sqm of water (heated), 4,000 sqm sunbathing area, 50 m swimming pool, non-swimmer pool, Springer Basin, 55 sqm children pool, toddler playground [...]

Folk museum of the Palatinate and House of the South-East Germans | Böchingen

The museum is home to an exhibition about local handcraft and industrial produce, traditional costumes, agriculture and viticulture. Documents from Bačka and Banan (Pannonian region) as well as the [...]

Dyonisos in der Weinstube Wilhelm | Maikammer

Restaurant with Greek specialties and additional 30 sitting spaces in the cellar. It’s possible to stay the night.

Historische Mittelgasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Mittelgasse und Hintergasse – romantic witnesses of time gone by: Lovingly restored half-timbered houses, idyllic inner courtyards, Mediterranean plants and flowers, Neustadt’s oldest wine [...]

Open-air bath in Billigheim-Ingenheim | Billigheim-Ingenheim

The facility has swimmers’, children’s and adventure pools. The spacious lawn is perfect for relaxing, but also for romping and playing. The kiosk sells snacks, drinks and ice cream. During [...]

Forest hut on the Ringelsberghütte | Frankweiler

Up above the village Frankweiler walkers will not only find spectacular panoramic views across the Rhine plain but also a place to recover from their walk up. On Sundays the forest hut [...]

Öffentliche Toilette Maikammer | Maikammer

The public toilets in Maikammer are located at the parking level beside the Town hall, Immengartenstraße 24. They were proofed as disability access by the land Rhineland-Palatinate. The award is valid [...]

Teufelsstein | Bad Dürkheim

Teufelstein – simply fantastic: The devil’s stone, 2,50 metres high and up to 4 metres wide has a veritably “devilish” legend behind it. The strange steps in the stone are supposed to have been made [...]

Weingut Faubel | Maikammer

For 400 years, the wine-growing family Faubel has been cultivating wine in a truly blessed landscape, right in the heart of the Palatinate. Mediocre is not the cause of Gerd Faubel and his [...]

Brunnen auf dem Römerplatz | Bad Dürkheim

Römerplatz with Fountain: This town square surrounded by attractive facades represents the site where Bad Dürkheim was first founded. The name is derived from the town hall (Römer) built in [...]

Felsenmeer | Maikammer

On the ridge of the Hüttenberg are numerous rock fragments and bizarre rock formations made of Buntsandstein, the so-called "Felsenmeer" (Ocean of Rocks).

Parkplatz Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

Hiking parking in the forest at the Nature Friends' House RahnenhofAddress: Hintergasse, 67316 Hertlingshausen (Carlsberg)Start/finish of various hiking trails around the Rahnenhof as well asseveral [...]

Restaurant Immenhof | Maikammer

In our restaurant or winter garden in bright, friendly surroundings, our kitchen and service team will spoil you with a mixture of originality and the cultivated way of life. For this we recommend [...]

The Castle of Hambach | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Since May 1832, when the flag with the German national colours of black, red and gold first fluttered on the Kastanienberg near Neustadt, the Hambacher Schloss has come to stand for the [...]

Landgasthaus "Klosterschänke" | Höningen

A Restaurant with beer garden. Saturdays you can eat tarte flambe from a stone oven.

Jakobs Kirche Altleiningen-Höningen | Höningen

The Church of St. Jakob is one of the oldest Romanesque buildings in the Palatinate.

Wein- und Sekthaus Volker und Bernd Schreieck | Maikammer

Culinary enjoyment at the Cuvée-The wine restaurant and wine tasting in our wine and sparkling wine house.

Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Ochsen" | Maikammer

Palatine specialties, burgeon kitchen. Sitting space inside are 65 and 45, outside 40.