House of Frogs in Göcklingen | Göcklingen

If ever you wanted to see all the different frog species indigenous to Germany in just one spot, make sure you visit the House of Frogs in Göcklingen. The former pumping house opposite the [...]

Büro für Tourismus Maikammer | Maikammer

We would be glad to advise you on your travel plans and inform you about the possibilities of what to do during your holidays in person. We are also here to help you organize your group [...]

Grenzlandbähnchen | Wissembourg

Border land trainTake a tour with a difference on the land train that runs between Wissembourg in France and Schweigen-Rechtenbach in Germany. On this 75-minute train ride, you’ll discover the old [...]

Schlössl | Oberotterbach

Hotel and Gastronomie At the Schlössl Gourmet Restaurant, the magic of historic charm meets modern elements and a multifaceted cuisine. Enjoy on the sun terrace overlooking the baroque garden.  [...]

Parkplatz Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

Hiking parking in the forest at the Nature Friends' House RahnenhofAddress: Hintergasse, 67316 Hertlingshausen (Carlsberg)Start/finish of various hiking trails around the Rahnenhof as well asseveral [...]

Historische Metzgergasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

A very narrow street leading from the market square to the Kunigundenstrasse containing a number of archways displaying old guild signs. The houses offer an insight into the appearance of [...]

Hotel-Restaurant Mandelhof | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Visiting friends in a Mediterranean environment   Our award-winning creative cuisine is imaginative and offers fresh regional produce. Enjoy the inventive, extraordinary cuisine in our [...]

Storchenturm | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Der Storchenturm: The old stork’s tower has not yet been re-visited by the many storks who have now decided to build their nests in the wine village of Geinsheim. The best view of this [...]

Kloster Höningen | Höningen

Höningen Abbey was founded in 1120 by Count Emich II of Leiningers.

Teufelsstein | Bad Dürkheim

Teufelstein – simply fantastic: The devil’s stone, 2,50 metres high and up to 4 metres wide has a veritably “devilish” legend behind it. The strange steps in the stone are supposed to have been made [...]

Kurpark | Bad Dürkheim

Kurpark: The upper spa gardens surrounded by the casino, the spa hotel, St. Ludwig’s Church and the Valentin-Ostertag-Fountain were laid out in 1847, the year in which Bad Dürkheim was [...]

Prot. Kirche Altleiningen | Altleiningen

Protestant church of 1716 mainly with baroque features.

Folk museum of the Palatinate and House of the South-East Germans | Böchingen

The museum is home to an exhibition about local handcraft and industrial produce, traditional costumes, agriculture and viticulture. Documents from Bačka and Banan (Pannonian region) as well as the [...]

Casimirianum | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Das Casimirianum – the electoral prince’s university: “Casi” is how the people of Neustadt fondly call this architectural gem which combines features of both the Gothic period and the [...]

Schloßkirche | Bad Dürkheim

Schlosskirche: Near the Schlosskirche, completed in 1335, were found the remains of its Gothic origins and made available to the public in 1978. The western tower (1863/66) is built on the foundation [...]

Vizedomei | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Die Vizedomei – Marktplatz Nr. 8: This baroque building, built in 1737, together with its wonderful inner courtyard, was once the seat of the Viztum or Vicedominus, the highest-ranking [...]

Wernersberg | Wernersberg

Wernersberg in Trifelsland. A nice village surrounded by a vast forest. It is a good starting point for several outdoor activities like hiking, mountainbiking, cycling and climbing. From the [...]

Historische Mittelgasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Mittelgasse und Hintergasse – romantic witnesses of time gone by: Lovingly restored half-timbered houses, idyllic inner courtyards, Mediterranean plants and flowers, Neustadt’s oldest wine [...]

St. Ludwig Kirche | Bad Dürkheim

St. Ludwig Church: Built in 1828/30 according to the plans of the famous German church architect, Friederich Weinbrenner, the interior is relatively inornate but was elaborated upon in 1895 with the [...]

Weingut Gerhard Hauck | Maikammer

Burgundy and Riesling wines, international grape varieties with regional characteristics.  

Weingut Fitz-Ritter | Bad Dürkheim

Fitz-Ritter is a renowned Palatinate (Pfalz) wine estate that has been in the Fitz family for nine generations, since its founding 230 years ago.  The perfection of traditional values is [...]

Geilweilerhof - Institute for Grapevine Breeding | Siebeldingen

Formerly in the hands of the Cistercian monastery of Eußerthal, the Geilweilerhof is now home to the German Federal Research Institute for Grapevine Breeding. Probably the most famous products of the [...]

Wein- und Sekthaus Volker und Bernd Schreieck | Maikammer

Culinary enjoyment at the Cuvée-The wine restaurant and wine tasting in our wine and sparkling wine house.

Restaurant Schwarzer Hahn im Hotel Deidesheimer Hof | Deidesheim

Welcome to the hotel "Deidesheimer Hof" - the heart of Palatinate hospitality. Here, they look after guests from all over the world and would like to invite you too to spend the most pleasent hours [...]

Adler Apotheke | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Not only herbs such as centaurium: but also many other herbal recipes are still prepared and offered for sale by the pharmacist family of Götz in their chemist’s shop in the Hauptstraße 81. [...]

Gasthaus "Zur Kalmit" mit Wildmetzgerei | Maikammer

Almost all of the products we offer on our card are self-produced. Since Ilona and Matthias Alt are hunters themselves, our products comes from local regions. Ilona Alt, who is also a cook, [...]

Weinstube Schönfelder Hof | Bad Dürkheim

Family run winery and wine tavern with own wines and Palatine specialties. We are looking forward to your visit. Their winemakers Harald und Bernd Karst

Flaggenturm | Bad Dürkheim

Flaggenturm: The “Coffee Mill”, is an eight-sided flag tower which has looked over the picturesque vineyards of “Fuchsmantel”, to the southwest of Bad Dürkheim, since the year 1854. The embattled [...]

Eußerthal | Eußerthal

Eußerthal in Trifelsland. In an open and bright valley is Eußerthal, surrounded by meadows, mountains and rocks, in the Palatinate Forest. Crystal-clear babbling brooks and pure forest air [...]

Maikammerer Stubb | Maikammer

From delicious little things to Palatinate specialties to the hearty Rumpsteak, you will find a wide selection of small and large dishes. Our wines are all from Maikammer.

Orensfels | Frankweiler

Spectacular is not only the view from the Orensfels at 591m above sea level, but also the rock formation itself. A wide range of archaeological findings, e.g. from the Neolithic Age, give [...]

Klosterkirche Eußerthal | Eußerthal

In the center of the village there is the impressive Cistercian church of St. Bernard.

Der 20-Röhren-Brunnen | Altleiningen

A rare sight, created around 1600, the strongest column source of the Palatinate.

Historische Kunigundenstraße | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Kunigundenstrasse: This street in the southwest area of the old town was, up to the year 1895, originally an extension of the Metzgergasse (butcher’s street). Its name can be traced back to [...]

Weingut Erich Stachel | Maikammer

The winery has been a family business for generations and cultivates 15 hectares of vines. Red wines with an international character are our specialty. Visit us! We always strive to serve [...]

Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Ochsen" | Maikammer

Palatine specialties, burgeon kitchen. Sitting space inside are 65 and 45, outside 40.

Weingut-Edelbrennerei Hubert Müller | Maikammer

Apples from own cultivation, apartments connected; Reisemoblstellplätze; Historical vaulted cellar or ancestral room; Hoffest                                              

Restaurant Weingarten | Maikammer

Creative, seasonal specialties served with palatinate cordiality. Take a seat in our Mediterranean pleasure oasis and let yourself be spoiled. Enjoy the wonderful view and spend relaxing [...]

Mercure Hotel an den Salinen / Kelterstube | Bad Dürkheim

In our cosy Restaurant "Kelterstube" we offer you seasonal and regional food specialties. Try the fine wines from our winecard. Explore and enjoy our culinary variety.

Ketschauer Hof - Restaurant 1718 | Deidesheim

Enjoy life and spend time with family and friends. Chef de cuisine Lars Wolf spoils with French-international cuisine and delicious fish dishes. The insider tip is his "Bouillabaisse", the soup is [...]

castle ruin Madenburg | Eschbach

The castle ruin Madenburg is amongst the largest castle grounds in the Palatinate. Built in the 11th century as an imperial castle, the Madenburg changed owners several times, burned down [...]

Almond grove above Birkweiler | Birkweiler

Just above the village Birkweiler visitors and locals alike will find an almond grove where they can plant their own almond tree. An almond tree labelled with the beloved’s name is also a popular [...]

Wolfsburg | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Burgruine Wolfsburg, Neustadt an der Weinstraße: First mentioned in 1255, this castle was the guardian of the valley road through the forests between Kaiserslautern and Neustadt. Opening [...]

Restaurant St. Urban im Hotel Deidesheim Hof | Deidesheim

Welcome to the hotel "Deidesheimer Hof" - the heart of Palatinate hospitality. Here they look after guests from all over the world and would like to invite you too to spend the most pleasant hours and [...]

Parkplatz Höningen | Höningen

In the town centre of Altleiningen-HöningenAdresse: Schindtthalstraße (in the further cours)Start or start Finish: Leininger burgenweg as well as various hiking trails of the Palatine Forest [...]

St. Jakobus Kirche | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

In Oberhambach you will find the Jakobuskirche, a baroque church with fortified tower and wall paintings dating back to the 12th Century.

Tabakschuppen | Herxheim bei Landau

Tabakschuppen Herxheim ist die Gemeinde mit der größen Tabakanbaufläche Deutschlands. Davon zeugen auch die vielen pittoresken Tabakschuppen vor allem im Ortsteil Hayna. Von Juli bis Anfang September [...]