Klosterruine Limburg | Bad Dürkheim

Ruined Monastery of Limburg: Situated on a craggy spur overlooking the Isenach Valley is the dominant, one-time Benedictine monastery of the Limburg. It is the setting for one aspect of [...]

Weingut-Edelbrennerei Hubert Müller | Maikammer

Apples from own cultivation, apartments connected; Reisemoblstellplätze; Historical vaulted cellar or ancestral room; Hoffest                                              

Burgruine Ramburg | Ramberg

The Ramburg was built in the 12th century to protect the Trifels.

Büro für Tourismus Maikammer | Maikammer

We would be glad to advise you on your travel plans and inform you about the possibilities of what to do during your holidays in person. We are also here to help you organize your group [...]

Weingut Manfred Schädler | Maikammer

Our winery is located in the sunny Palatinate in Germany, directly on the southern wine road.   Opening hours: We are not always accessible during the week due to seasonal work in the [...]

Kirchen in Carlsberg/Hertlingshausen | Carlsberg

Three churches in Carlsberg/Hertlingshausen are built in neo-Gothic style. The Protestant parish church was built in 1864 as a replacement for a Protestant school and a prayer hall built in 1757. The [...]

Zoo Landau | Landau in der Pfalz

The ever-popular Landau Zoo is a natural oasis in the heart of the town. Amid the well-tended parkland, you’ll see a wide array of exotic animals in enclosures that are designed to mimic [...]

Parkplatz Höningen | Höningen

In the town centre of Altleiningen-HöningenAdresse: Schindtthalstraße (in the further cours)Start or start Finish: Leininger burgenweg as well as various hiking trails of the Palatine Forest [...]

Münchweiler | Münchweiler a. Klingb.

Münchweiler in Trifelsland. Pretty tiny Wasgaudorf with about 250 inhabitants in the valley of the Klingbach between Silz and Klingenmünster. Direct connection to the Klingbach bike path [...]

Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe | Edenkoben

Villa Ludwigshöhe “A villa in the Italianate style, exclusively for the summer months and in the most clement part of the kingdom” – Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben was a dream come true for [...]

Kleine Kalmit | Ilbesheim b. Landau

The hill Kleine Kalmit ("Little Kalmit") can easily be reached by foot from the village Ilbesheim. Visitors cannot only peek into the little chapel on top of the hill and look over to the [...]

St. Ludwig Kirche | Bad Dürkheim

St. Ludwig Church: Built in 1828/30 according to the plans of the famous German church architect, Friederich Weinbrenner, the interior is relatively inornate but was elaborated upon in 1895 with the [...]

Schloßkirche | Bad Dürkheim

Schlosskirche: Near the Schlosskirche, completed in 1335, were found the remains of its Gothic origins and made available to the public in 1978. The western tower (1863/66) is built on the foundation [...]

Castle of Böchingen | Böchingen

After World War 2, the baroque castle was home to a vintners' cooperative until in 1961 its new owner transformed it into a champagne cellar. With its polygonal roof, its broad outside [...]

Hotel zur Krone | Herxheim bei Landau

An homage to Grande CuisineThe Michelin star shines brightly over Hayna. It has been joined by many other awards for the Kronen-Restaurant. As a result, gourmet pilgrims from all over the [...]

Südpfalz-Therme | Bad Bergzabern

The Südpfalz thermal baths are a sanctuary for your health and wellbeing. Forget your everyday worries at this large complex of thermal baths, which also offers a stylish rooftop sauna, a [...]

Cuvée Das Weinrestauant | Maikammer

Creative and fresh kitchen with chosen wines. Modern, comfortable ambience with a beautiful space outside.

Castle Edesheim | Edesheim

Spend unforgettable hours… …in the stylish ambiance of our gourmet restaurant. In the cosy premises of the stylish gourmet restaurant or on the park-like patio in the castle courtyard you [...]

Restaurant Weingarten | Maikammer

Creative, seasonal specialties served with palatinate cordiality. Take a seat in our Mediterranean pleasure oasis and let yourself be spoiled. Enjoy the wonderful view and spend relaxing [...]

Historische Metzgergasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

A very narrow street leading from the market square to the Kunigundenstrasse containing a number of archways displaying old guild signs. The houses offer an insight into the appearance of [...]

Forest hut on the Ringelsberghütte | Frankweiler

Up above the village Frankweiler walkers will not only find spectacular panoramic views across the Rhine plain but also a place to recover from their walk up. On Sundays the forest hut [...]

Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Ochsen" | Maikammer

Palatine specialties, burgeon kitchen. Sitting space inside are 65 and 45, outside 40.

Burgruine Meistersel | Ramberg

Meistersel is one of the oldest castles in the Palatinate, probably built already in Salian times, in the 11th century.

Saalbau | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Der Saalbau - Neustadt’s “Front Parlour” Builtbetween 1871 - 1873, during the unification of Germany, the Saalbau today is a convention centre, a theatre, a ballroom and the traditional [...]

Steakhouse Tables | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

We provide numerous steak variations in excellent premium quality at our Steakhouse "Tables". In addition to dry aged beef and other excellent meat and fish dishes, our menu also includes [...]

Eußerthal | Eußerthal

Eußerthal in Trifelsland. In an open and bright valley is Eußerthal, surrounded by meadows, mountains and rocks, in the Palatinate Forest. Crystal-clear babbling brooks and pure forest air [...]

Burgbad Altleiningen | Altleiningen

Special atmosphere in a moat with: A Schwimmingpool, a non-schwimmer pool, paddling pool, massage jets, a flume, sunbathing area and a table tennis table.

Culmann‘s „Garden of Dreams“ | Billigheim-Ingenheim

In the only phantasy garden with surreal sculptures, fountains and architecture in all Germany, dreams literally come true.

Burgschänke Burg Altleiningen | Altleiningen

The restaurant is located in Altleiningen Castle and has a terrace.

Wild- und Wanderpark der Südlichen Weinstraße | Silz

Red deers and fallow deers live here without any fences. You can watch over 400 animals of 15 diffferent species here. Especially for kids the children's zoo is an attraction.

Burg Altleiningen | Altleiningen

It is one of the most beautiful castles in "Rheinland-Pfalz", was the ancestral castle of the counts of Leiningen and was built around 1110. The builder was Emich II of Leiningen. At that time, it was [...]

Kloster Höningen | Höningen

Höningen Abbey was founded in 1120 by Count Emich II of Leiningers.

Der 20-Röhren-Brunnen | Altleiningen

A rare sight, created around 1600, the strongest column source of the Palatinate.

Grenzlandbähnchen | Wissembourg

Border land trainTake a tour with a difference on the land train that runs between Wissembourg in France and Schweigen-Rechtenbach in Germany. On this 75-minute train ride, you’ll discover the old [...]

Brunnen auf dem Römerplatz | Bad Dürkheim

Römerplatz with Fountain: This town square surrounded by attractive facades represents the site where Bad Dürkheim was first founded. The name is derived from the town hall (Römer) built in [...]

Felsenmeer | Maikammer

On the ridge of the Hüttenberg are numerous rock fragments and bizarre rock formations made of Buntsandstein, the so-called "Felsenmeer" (Ocean of Rocks).

Stiftskirche - Wahrzeichen der Stadt | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Die Stiftskirche – Neustadt’s most prominent landmark: The two unequal sandstone towers of the collegiate church have overlooked Neustadt for the last 500 years. Visitors can climb up on the [...]

Hotel-Restaurant Waldhaus Wilhelm | Maikammer

Our Waldhaus promises spoiling à la carte. We will spoil you with delicacies and fresh products from the local region. We offer the right setting for family celebrations and smaller [...]

Casimirianum | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Das Casimirianum – the electoral prince’s university: “Casi” is how the people of Neustadt fondly call this architectural gem which combines features of both the Gothic period and the [...]

Schloss- und Festungsruine Hardenburg | Bad Dürkheim

Hardenburg castle, built in the 13th century, was the ostentatious residence of the Dukes of Leiningen and is one of the biggest castle ruins in the country. With its many towers, stairs and [...]

Totenkopfhütte | Maikammer

The Totenkopfhütte (height 513 m) lies on the L 514, which leads from Maikammer via St. Martin and the Totenkopf into the Elmsteiner valley. It is a perfect starting point and destination [...]