Unterwegssein genießen: Romantik on the road

If you’re planning a holiday along the German Wine Route, you’ll be pleased to hear that the train connections are excellent. Even better than that? You won’t need to rely on a car during your holiday either. Use public transport to hop from one vineyard to the next, visit the zoo or head out for a bite to eat. Or you could cycle through the vineyards or set off on a walking adventure in the Palatinate Forest. 

Gleisweiler, Mitte stop

From Gleisweiler, walk a short distance into the valley and out into the forest to access Germany's only historic forest shower. Originally constructed in 1848 by a local doctor and restored in the 1990s, the facility supplies cold water at temperatures of eight to twelve degrees. It's a popular destination for brave cold-shower enthusiasts on sweltering summer days.

Burrweiler, Mitte stop

St. Annaberg has long been a favourite destination for pilgrims and hikers alike. The Burriweg will lead you to St. Anna Chapel, where you will be treated to a breathtaking panorama over the Rhine Valley to the Odenwald and the Black Forest. If you catch the first bus early in the morning, you can sit in front of the chapel's choir room and watch the sunrise.

Hainfeld, Dorfbrunnen stop

The tubular fountain in the village centre was built in 1561. Several historic buildings from the Renaissance, Rococo, and especially the Baroque periods can be seen in the village centre. Hainfeld is a place that thrives on wine, so naturally, there are some excellent wine bars that successfully blend tradition with modern architecture. It also has a vibrant cultural scene, including studios, galleries and the International Piano Festival in late summer.


Ideally, you’ll get a Pfalzcard from your accommodation provider. That way, you won’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost you to get around. Having said that, VRN (the transport network operating throughout the Palatinate) and KVV (covering the southern Palatinate region only) have plenty to offer off-peak travellers. For example, you can take your bike on board for free after 9 am. If you buy a day ticket or a family day ticket, children and grandchildren under the age of 14 can travel for free. Plus, the new tariff (eTarif and Tickin apps) is based on distances as the crow flies, which is bound to save you money.

Rhodt unter Rietburg, Rhodt Mitte stop

Follow in the footsteps of Queen Theresa of Bavaria and stroll along the historic facades under the shade of the chestnut trees. The famous Theresienstraße forms the heart of Rhodt unter Rietburg. You'll find elaborate details everywhere, like antique courtyard gates, special keystones and lavish floral embellishments. And, of course, there are plenty of places to stop for refreshments along the way.


 Edenkoben, Schafplatz stop

From the Schafplatz, you can either take a leisurely stroll along the Edenkobener Pädel footpaths or change here for the Wanderbus 506, which will take you to the most notable sights in the Edenkoben valley: Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle, the Hilschweiher lake, the Hüttenbrunnen restaurant, the Forsthaus Heldenstein and the Modenbach valley. The bus then heads back to Edenkoben via Weyher and Rhodt unter Rietburg.


St. Martin, Ort stop

The historic centre of St. Martin, which has been listed since 1981, attracts visitors with its narrow alleyways, half-timbered buildings, quaint vineyards and the open Kropsbach stream. Here, you can meander through the streets and peruse the local shops selling arts and crafts or sample the latest vintage straight from the nearest winery.



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