Rhodt Rose Garden

The oldest vineyard still stocked with its original grapevines

These vines are truly veterans: the "Rhodt Rose Garden" already has 400 years on the clock – and is still supplying wine. It is said that the vineyards, or "Wingert", in the wine-growing village of Rhodt unter Rietburg existed even before the 30 Years War, which was from 1618 to 1648. ... read more

Weilberg Roman Villa and Wine Press

Wine Press Dating Back to Roman Times

A veritable treasure is hidden away under a red roof in the vineyards on the edge of the spa and market town of Bad Dürkheim: a 2000-year old press dating back to Roman times. The press is the only one of its kind to exist between the Southern Palatinate and the Moselle. ... read more

The Most Beautiful View in the Palatinate

Villa Ludwigshöhe Palace in Edenkoben

It was the summer residence of Bavarian King Ludwig I – constructed between 1846 and 1852 and based on the designs of the famous architect Friedrich von Gärtner – and is situated above Edenkoben and the picturesque wine-growing village of Rhodt with the charming chestnut-tree-lined Theresienstrasse. ... read more

The Roman Wine of Speyer

The world's oldest grape wine

It is the world's oldest preserved grape wine – and it's still liquid. The Palatinate Museum of History in Speyer guards one of Germany's major vinicultural treasures: a wine dating back to the year 325 BC, preserved in a greenish-yellow, cylindrical glass bottle adorned with two handles shaped like dolphins. ... read more

Deidesheim "The Cradle of German Quality Wines"

Quality wine from the Palatinate

The first quality wine in the Palatinate region was produced here, and this town largely shaped German wine-growing policies – no other town in Germany has as much claim to the title of "Custodian of German Wine Culture" as the Palatinate town of Deidesheim. ... read more