Deutsches Weintor e.G. Vintner's Cooperative

There's so much life here!

The Deutsches Weintor label is synonymous with outstanding quality wines, yet also stands for diversity, conviviality and the joys of good food and drink. Treat yourself and your guests to the very best. Discover with your friends how diverse the Deutsches Weintor range is. You'll find the perfect wine for social occasions and successful celebrations here. As its slogan suggests: "There's so much life here!" ... mehr lesen

Weinbiet e.G. Vintners' Cooperative

The name of quality

Its wine-making tradition dates back to Roman times. The town's 1300 year-old history is inextricably linked to the Order of St. John and his manor house. In the 19th century, Mussbach became known as a Traminer grape variety region. In 1902 the Mussbach Vintners' Association was founded by 54 wine-growers. ... mehr lesen

Edenkoben Vintners' Cooperative

"Variety can taste this good"

Every year 130 vintners' families deliver their grape harvest to us. It is grown on 159 hectares at selected sites around Edenkoben. Every day they work with one goal: to give of their best. ... mehr lesen

Herxheim am Berg Vintners' Cooperative

"Top-quality through tradition and innovation"

Herxheim am Berg Vintners' Cooperative has been in existence for over 75 years. At the highest point of the German Wine Route, we have not only a unique view, but also an expanse of sun-kissed vineyards. ... mehr lesen

Vier Jahreszeiten Winzer e.G.

Time for wine

The quality-orientated approach and the high degree of discipline amongst the members when working on the vineyard, the strictly regulated harvest, the latest cellar technology, the experience, reliability and skills of the Master Winemaker and his or her employees underpin the quality of the wines, built upon tradition and progress, on experience and a knowledge of wine. ... mehr lesen