Vinotheque of the Southern Wine Route 

Here, the designer Michael Michalsky has reinvented wine tasting. His motto is: "Wine is a work of art, so I present it that way". Visitors can expect a balanced mixture of wine, enjoyment, art and culture on the former State Garden Show grounds in Landau. You can find more information here.



Weingut Hahn-Hof GbR | Albersweiler

Family and tradition For several generations, our family has been practising the craft of winemaking. Our family's dedication and above all their enthusiasm and love for wine have made the [...]

Bioland-Weingut Bosch | Albersweiler

What we value here and what we have set as our goal are "classic wines". This begins with the fact that we largely prefer the old, local grapes in our vineyards. From the cultivation of the [...]

Burgunderhof Schneider | Annweiler am Trifels

Welcome to our family winery in the most western winegrowing community of the Palatinate. For already five generations we cultivate 5.5 hectares of vineyards, mainly pinot noir. Visit us, [...]

Weingut Pfeffingen | Bad Dürkheim

The Estate Weingut Pfeffingen, idyllically located amidst its vineyards, is operated by oenologist Jan Eymael and his family. Jan is a passionate wine-grower, whose unconditional endeavor to [...]

Weingut Egon Schmitt | Bad Dürkheim

Wine is a family affair for us... and as a family business we have the opportunity to hold our wines in our hands from the planting of the vineyards, through the harvest, to their journey [...]

Weingut Raßkopf-Hofmann | Bad Dürkheim

The winery is located just outside the city near the Almensee lake. The specialities at the Raßkopf-Hofmann winery include noble sweet wines such as Scheurebe and Gewürztraminer as well as [...]

Weingut Karl Schaefer | Bad Dürkheim

Free delivery from 50 € upwards The lovingly restored traditional winery with its landscape park has always been known for dry Rieslings. The young team around cellarmaster Johann Seibt [...]

Weingut Fitz-Ritter | Bad Dürkheim

Fitz-Ritter is a renowned Palatinate (Pfalz) wine estate that has been in the Fitz family for nine generations, since its founding 230 years ago.  The perfection of traditional values is [...]

Weingut SOPS-Dambach | Bad Dürkheim

With the 2018 vintage, Sven Ohlinger and Philipp Seeger, who started their "SOPS" project in 2010, are marketing wines under the "Dambach" brand for the first time. After taking over the [...]

Weingut Darting | Bad Dürkheim

Fancy some top wines? Our philosophy is based on quality and passion. We have the highest standards for our wines and invest a lot of time and love in our work in the vineyard and cellar. [...]