Holiday Park Pfalz

Holiday Park in Haßloch - der Erlebnispark Nr. 1 an der Deutschen Weinstraße

Neben Unterhaltung, Spaß und Faszination finden Sie hier auch Entspannung und Erholung in der über 400.000 qm großen Parkanlage. Alle Attraktionen sind in eine herrliche Park-, Blumen- und Waldlandschaft integriert. Die internationalen Shows und zahlreichen Fahrattraktionen, wie z.B. »Expedition GeForce«, der erste Megacoaster des europäischen Kontinents, der Free Fall Tower mit seinem freien Fall aus 70 m Höhe, das höchste Kettenkarussell oder Europas einziger professioneller Wasserski-Show, bieten Spaß und Action für die ganze Familie. ... read more

Leisure and adventure parks along the German Wine Route

The leisure and adventure parks along the German Wine Route are waiting for you. Besides the Holiday-Park in Haßloch, the region has a lot more to offer - see for yourself!

Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe | Edenkoben

Villa Ludwigshöhe “A villa in the Italianate style, exclusively for the summer months and in the most clement part of the kingdom” – Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben was a dream come true for [...]

Totenkopfhütte | Maikammer

The Totenkopfhütte (height 513 m) lies on the L 514, which leads from Maikammer via St. Martin and the Totenkopf into the Elmsteiner valley. It is a perfect starting point and destination [...]

Schlössl | Oberotterbach

Hotel and Gastronomie At the Schlössl Gourmet Restaurant, the magic of historic charm meets modern elements and a multifaceted cuisine. Enjoy on the sun terrace overlooking the baroque garden.  [...]

Rooster museum in Göcklingen | Göcklingen

As an answer to the good feedback following the "crowing championships" the couple Claudia and Gerhard Hoffmann set up the first private rooster museum. Visitors can marvel at approximately [...]

Weingut Philipp Hofmann | Bad Dürkheim

The Winery Philipp Hofmann was founded in 2011 by the master vintner Philipp Hofmann and cultivates a total area of 0.77 ha. Currently the winery offers a Riesling, a Pinot Blanc and a Pinot [...]

Fronmühlquelle | Bad Dürkheim

Fronmühlquelle: Built in 1832 to a depth of 136 metres, this salt water well is still used to provide the salt water required for the spa activities in Bad Dürkheim, feeding also the thermal [...]

Katholische Kirche "St. Kosmas und Damian" | Maikammer

It is a spacious baroque room from the years 1756/57 and is located in a place where a considerable building stood during late Roman times.   Opened daily from 9 am to 18 pm.

Weinstube Kiefer | Maikammer

Enjoy typical Palatinate specialties and regional cuisine in the cozy Weinstube.

Historische Metzgergasse | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

A very narrow street leading from the market square to the Kunigundenstrasse containing a number of archways displaying old guild signs. The houses offer an insight into the appearance of [...]

Dürkheimer Riesenfass | Bad Dürkheim

The Giant Wine Barrel: This, the largest wine barrel in the world, has a capacity of 1.7 million litres and was constructed in the year 1934 by the cooper, Fritz Keller. The wood used for this giant [...]

Keltischer Ringwall Heidenmauer | Bad Dürkheim

Celtic Ring Wall “Heidenmauer”: This “heathen wall” was erected around 500 B.C as a protective ring wall around the Celtic settlement (Oppidum). The wall is 2,5 km long and encloses an area [...]

Folk museum of the Palatinate and House of the South-East Germans | Böchingen

The museum is home to an exhibition about local handcraft and industrial produce, traditional costumes, agriculture and viticulture. Documents from Bačka and Banan (Pannonian region) as well as the [...]

Weingut Manfred Schädler | Maikammer

Our winery is located in the sunny Palatinate in Germany, directly on the southern wine road.   Opening hours: We are not always accessible during the week due to seasonal work in the [...]

Geilweilerhof - Institute for Grapevine Breeding | Siebeldingen

Formerly in the hands of the Cistercian monastery of Eußerthal, the Geilweilerhof is now home to the German Federal Research Institute for Grapevine Breeding. Probably the most famous products of the [...]

Weingut Erich Stachel | Maikammer

The winery has been a family business for generations and cultivates 15 hectares of vines. Red wines with an international character are our specialty. Visit us! We always strive to serve [...]

Kloster Höningen | Höningen

Höningen Abbey was founded in 1120 by Count Emich II of Leiningers.

Eiscafé Bellini | Maikammer

Original, self-made Italian ice cream. Coffee and cake, small snacks and different Italian entries. We have hot waffles for cold days and Crêpes in different variations.

Weingut Faubel | Maikammer

For 400 years, the wine-growing family Faubel has been cultivating wine in a truly blessed landscape, right in the heart of the Palatinate. Mediocre is not the cause of Gerd Faubel and his [...]

Klappmeter-Denkmal | Maikammer

The plastic "Klappmeter" was created as part of the project "Blickpunkte" on the "Kulturtagen Südliche Weinstrasse 2000". They were created by the artists Lucie Wegmann and Daniel Moriz [...]

Wild- und Wanderpark der Südlichen Weinstraße - bis auf weiteres geschlossen | Silz

Red deers and fallow deers live here without any fences. You can watch over 400 animals of 15 diffferent species here. Especially for kids the children's zoo is an attraction.

Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Ochsen" | Maikammer

Palatine specialties, burgeon kitchen. Sitting space inside are 65 and 45, outside 40.

Burgbad Altleiningen | Altleiningen

Special atmosphere in a moat with: A Schwimmingpool, a non-schwimmer pool, paddling pool, massage jets, a flume, sunbathing area and a table tennis table.

Alsterweiler Kapelle | Maikammer

Opened only on Sunday afternoons for viewings. The anteroom is always opened for visitors.

Tabakschuppen | Herxheim bei Landau

Tabakschuppen Herxheim ist die Gemeinde mit der größen Tabakanbaufläche Deutschlands. Davon zeugen auch die vielen pittoresken Tabakschuppen vor allem im Ortsteil Hayna. Von Juli bis Anfang September [...]

Maikammerer Stubb | Maikammer

From delicious little things to Palatinate specialties to the hearty Rumpsteak, you will find a wide selection of small and large dishes. Our wines are all from Maikammer.

4-Burgen-Blick | Gossersweiler-Stein

Point of view on the Rötzenberg near Gossersweiler-Stein. You can see 4 ruins: Ramburg, Neuscharfeneck, Trifels and Madenburg.

Cuvée Das Weinrestauant | Maikammer

Creative and fresh kitchen with chosen wines. Modern, comfortable ambience with a beautiful space outside.

Wein- & Sektgut Immengartenhof | Maikammer

Visit our winery and enjoy our wines. You will find both traditional Palatinate and international grape varieties and new breeds. We produce wines with a typical and fruity character. Our [...]

Burgschänke Burg Altleiningen | Altleiningen

The restaurant is located in Altleiningen Castle and has a terrace.

castle ruin Madenburg | Eschbach

The castle ruin Madenburg is amongst the largest castle grounds in the Palatinate. Built in the 11th century as an imperial castle, the Madenburg changed owners several times, burned down [...]

"Zum Jagdschloss" | Höningen

A barrier-free restaurant allows a hiking stop. Have also a room for Events. 100 seats inside and 100 seats outside

Maikammer | Maikammer

The wine and relaxation village of Maikammer currently has about 4,265 inhabitants. At an altitude of up to 300 m, idyllically situated at the foot of the Kalmit, the highest peak of the [...]

Spielbank Bad Dürkheim | Bad Dürkheim

The Spa Hotel and Casino: Situated at the upper end of the spa gardens are the venues for summer dancing. The casino offers classical casino games such as roulette, touch bet roulette, black jack and  [...]

Castle Edesheim | Edesheim

Spend unforgettable hours… …in the stylish ambiance of our gourmet restaurant. In the cosy premises of the stylish gourmet restaurant or on the park-like patio in the castle courtyard you [...]

alla hopp! facility in Ilbesheim | Ilbesheim b. Landau

The alla hopp! facility in Ilbesheim is a place to play, romp, move and meet for the young and the young at heart.

Parkplatz Altleiningen | Altleiningen

In the town centre. The name óf the street is Bahnhofsstraße and ist is on the market place. Start or Finish: Leininger Burgenweg as well as various hiking trails of the Palatine Forest Association.

Eußerthal | Eußerthal

Eußerthal in Trifelsland. In an open and bright valley is Eußerthal, surrounded by meadows, mountains and rocks, in the Palatinate Forest. Crystal-clear babbling brooks and pure forest air [...]

Saunalandschaft im Salinarium | Bad Dürkheim

Salinarium (Sauna and Leisure Pool): The Salinarium offers you 100 % fun, 0% boredom and many experiences for your senses. There is an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna area with Ottoman [...]

Culmann‘s „Garden of Dreams“ | Billigheim-Ingenheim

In the only phantasy garden with surreal sculptures, fountains and architecture in all Germany, dreams literally come true.

Römisches Weingut Weilberg | Bad Dürkheim

The Roman Villa Weilberg: In 1981, on the side of the Weilburg, a Roman wine press as well as the remains of the largest Roman manor house in the Palatinate were discovered. The main house [...]

Forest hut on the Ringelsberghütte | Frankweiler

Up above the village Frankweiler walkers will not only find spectacular panoramic views across the Rhine plain but also a place to recover from their walk up. On Sundays the forest hut [...]

Museum unterm Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels

In the middle of the historical city of Annweiler am Trifels the "Museum unterm Trifels" is situated within three half-timbered houses. It shows an interesting presentation of the history of [...]

Gasthaus "Zum Winzer" | Maikammer

Let your soul dangle and enjoy exquisite wines and Mediterranean delicacies inspired by local products from the kitchen and cellar on our garden terrace, surrounded by palms, figs and lemon [...]

Restaurant Moro | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

Welcome to Restaurant „moro“   Love, Passion and Belief, -the best basis for everything- and the foundation from which restaurant “moro” was created.   Sincere hospitality and the pleasure [...]

Kriemhildenstuhl | Bad Dürkheim

Roman Stone Quarry of “Kriemhildenstuhl”: The most unusual sight to see in this, the best-conserved Roman quarry north of the Alps, is the original antique “Graffiti der Römer”. Engravings and other [...]

Dernbach | Dernbach

Dernbach in Trifelsland. Dernbach is a small village in the Palatinate Forest surrounded by meadows with apple, cherry and chestnut trees. Ruins are also in the neighbourhood, like [...]

Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

Partner company  of Biosphere Reserve Palatine Forest "Guest House", Minigolf, Kneipp facility, billiards, sauna, bowling alleys

Kirchen in Carlsberg/Hertlingshausen | Carlsberg

Three churches in Carlsberg/Hertlingshausen are built in neo-Gothic style. The Protestant parish church was built in 1864 as a replacement for a Protestant school and a prayer hall built in 1757. The [...]

Michaelskapelle | Bad Dürkheim

Michaelskapelle: The origins of today’s “Sausage Festival” are to be found along the pilgrim’s way to St. Michaelsberg, with its chapel dating back to the year 1155. The pilgrims were provided by the [...]

Weinstube Schönfelder Hof | Bad Dürkheim

Family run winery and wine tavern with own wines and Palatine specialties. We are looking forward to your visit. Their winemakers Harald und Bernd Karst