Places for the whole family to visit

Zoos, wildlife parks and hiking parks

Animal experiences along the German Wine Route

You can see wild and exotic animals as well as animals in their natural habitat in zoos and animal parks along the German Wine Route. The parks offer excitement and adventure for the whole family, whether you choose to visit the Reptile Zoo in Landau/Palatinate or the Kurpfalz wildlife and adventure park in Wachenheim. ... mehr lesen

Theme parks and adventure parks

The attractions in the theme parks and adventure parks offer thrills and action for the whole family.

The theme parks and adventure parks along the German Wine Route promise thrills and fun-filled action, offering plenty of entertainment and excitement for old and young alike. ... mehr lesen

Adventure, educational and barefoot paths

Hiking: barefoot or to learn and discover new things

The German Wine Route offers visitors unspoilt nature and beautiful scenery, however, if you don't just want to hike or ramble but rather expand your knowledge, you can do so on a dense network of adventure, educational and barefoot paths. ... mehr lesen

Museums for children

Exciting new things to see and discover for children.

The selected museums for families and children along the German Wine Route include exciting, informative and interactive displays: whether native flora and fauna or technology – the themes are sure to inspire everyone, and not just the young! ... mehr lesen

The Southern Palatinate Rail Trolley Track

The fun-filled family experience on four or six wheels

One of the most fun-filled and healthiest rail tracks in the region is to be found between Bornheim near Landau and Lingenfeld. Trains no longer run here, rather hand-operated trolleys carrying happy carefree passengers. And three of them need "good legs", as they sit on the saddles and turn the pedals to get the party rolling along. ... mehr lesen

The Cuckoo Line (Kuckucksbähnel)

The museum line with its historical steam locomotive.

Climb on board – the Cuckoo Line with its historical steam locomotive will transport you from the railway station in Neustadt/Wstr. into the Elmsteiner Valley – right in the heart of the Palatinate Forest. Once you've arrived at your destination, you can get out and stretch your legs and marvel at the magnificent Palatinate Forest. Fun for the whole family! ... mehr lesen

Medieval Spectacular

The Richard the Lionheart Festival in Annweiler am Trifels

There's so much going on in the historical Old Town of Annweiler am Trifels during the Richard the Lionheart Festival. Medieval sounds, the clashing of swords, the hustle and bustle of markets and naturally thousands of people in medieval costumes combine to create a unique atmosphere, bringing the Middle Ages to life again. ... mehr lesen

Show mine in Nothweiler

A cultural monument to engineering – St. Anna-Stollen ore mine

The show mine in Nothweiler with its deep St. Anna tunnel can be comfortably explored along a 420-metre long circular path at ground level. Visitors will discover so many things about working in a mine, living conditions and the former mining site. ... mehr lesen

Rietburg Chairlift in Edenkoben

The first chairlift to be built in the Palatinate

From the valley station, close to the "Villa Ludwigshöhe" palace, a comfortable double-chairlift carries visitors up to the Rietburg Castle built around 1200 and situated at a height of 550 metres above sea level. The chairlift takes eight minutes to travel the 220 metres. From the top, visitors have a marvellous view over the Rhine Plain. ... mehr lesen