Indoor activities for the whole family

Indoor pools and water parks

Have a splashtastic time!

The indoor pools and water parks along the German Wine Route promise lots of fun for the whole family, even when the weather is poor. Experience the Tropics in the middle of the Palatinat.  ... mehr lesen

Museums for children

Exciting new things to see and discover for children.

The selected museums for families and children along the German Wine Route include exciting, informative and interactive displays: whether native flora and fauna or technology – the themes are sure to inspire everyone, and not just the young! ... mehr lesen

Reptile Zoo in Landau

Fascinating reptiles

The reptile zoo in Landau hopes to inspire visitors, and in particular the young, about a completely different world – the jungle, tropics or desert and their respective reptile species. ... mehr lesen


Action-packed fun & games for little people

Tobolino in Offenbach offers action-packed fun and games for little people in an area of 6000 m². Climbing, jumping, racing, games and tumbling – you can do everything here! ... mehr lesen

Chocolate World in Pirmasens

Like to taste something sweet?

The WAWI chocolate factory and Chocolate Museum is located right in the heart of the town of Pirmasens. You'll find out lots of interesting facts and information about chocolate and how it's produced, as well as about the history of the most popular chocolate figures.  ... mehr lesen

SeaLife in Speyer

Discover a magnificent underwater world

Marvel at over 3,000 animals in more than 40 amazing tanks and aquaria at SeaLife in Speyer. Adults and children can experience starfish and crabs up close in "touching" tanks and the daily feeding times in the aquarium are unique and extraordinary experiences. ... mehr lesen


The first Rhineland-Palatinate Science Centre in Pirmasens

It's never been so thrilling and entertaining to immerse yourself in the world of science. The Science Centre encourages visitors to try out the 160 exhibits – every visitor is invited to become a researcher or inventor. Young and old alike can investigate the most diverse phenomena relating to the theme of "movement". Touching and feeling is not just permitted but actively encouraged throughout the 4,000m2 Science Centre! ... mehr lesen