Attractions in the vicinity

Kaiserslautern Garden Show

The Garden Show in Kaiserslautern – a great place to visit with the whole family

The grounds of the Garden Show in Kaiserslautern are a continuation of the successful first Rhineland-Palatinate State Garden Show in 2000. Hill and valley, the typical topography of Kaiserslautern is described here: The entrance area and the Neumühl Park (Dinosaur Park) are located in the valley, while the Kaiserberg, the higher part, is within easy walking distance. This mix of land at different altitudes within the park is what gives the site its charm and uniqueness. ... mehr lesen

Fun Forest – Adventure Park

A warm welcome to Europe's largest climbing park with a permanent safety system.

The climbing park in Kandel opened in 2006 and has already had more than 400,000 visitors. The park offers 24 thrilling high-wire crossings over an area of 7 hectares in the midst of the beautiful Kandel Bien Forest. Over 200 trees are interconnected with around 17,000 metres of steel cable. The Fun Forest in Kandel: an experience for young (from 5 upwards) and the not-so-young – for beginners and advanced climbers! ... mehr lesen


The first Rhineland-Palatinate Science Centre in Pirmasens

It's never been so thrilling and entertaining to immerse yourself in the world of science. The Science Centre encourages visitors to try out the 160 exhibits – every visitor is invited to become a researcher or inventor. Young and old alike can investigate the most diverse phenomena relating to the theme of "movement". Touching and feeling is not just permitted but actively encouraged throughout the 4,000m2 Science Centre! ... mehr lesen

Biosphere House with Treetop Trail

The Biosphere House and the Treetop Trail in Fischbach near Dahn

The Biosphere House and the first German Treetop Trail offer a wealth of opportunities to discover the cross-border "Palatinate Forest/Northern Vosges" Biosphere Reserve and spend time in this unique natural habitat. Exciting events and interactive exhibitions are just a small part of what's on offer to help you to experience Germany's largest connected area of forest. ... mehr lesen

Berwartstein Castle

The legendary robber knight's castle

Hans Trapp, the famous Marshal and Commander of the entire Palatinate armed forces once dwelt in the impregnable Berwartstein Castle perched high on a rock. His raids and atrocities are as legendary as his castle, which has been preserved to the present day. ... mehr lesen

Fleckenstein Castle and P´tit Fleck

History, adventure & nature

Fleckenstein Castle is an impressive medieval castle in Alsace and an exciting destination for the whole family. History, adventure and nature play an important role at the castle. ... mehr lesen

Teufelstisch Theme Park

Fun for the whole family

The theme park in Hinterweidenthal offers fun for the young and young-at-heart and some areas are fully wheelchair-accessible. Highlights are the 50-metre long mega-slide and the "Felsenmeer", the so-called sea of rocks. You can even walk barefoot along a path made using different materials. A wheelchair- accessible 12-hole mini golf course also offers wheelchair-users an opportunity to actively take part in the game. ... mehr lesen

SeaLife in Speyer

Discover a magnificent underwater world

Marvel at over 3,000 animals in more than 40 amazing tanks and aquaria at SeaLife in Speyer. Adults and children can experience starfish and crabs up close in "touching" tanks and the daily feeding times in the aquarium are unique and extraordinary experiences. ... mehr lesen

Luisen Park Mannheim

Welcome to the Luisen Park in Mannheim

The Luisen Park in Mannheim is one of Europe's most beautiful municipal parks. Explore the park 365 days a year along curving pathways and over extensive lawns. The spraying water fountains in the Castle playground, the farm, the "Green School" or the "Recreational Centre" are just a few of the highlights to be found in the park. Culture-vultures will be drawn to the lakeside stage and the "Seebühnenzauber" concerts or to the Chinese Garden featuring Europe's largest Chinese tea house. ... mehr lesen

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