Castles and Palaces along the German Wine Route.

Richard the Lionheart was held captive in Trifels Castle high above the Hohenstaufen town of Annweiler and Hamburg Castle in Neustadt a.d.W. is showcased as the cradle of democracy. The following overview provides information about the many palaces and castles along the German Wine Route. Experience the history of the Palatinate up close in each one of them.

Burg Altleiningen | Altleiningen

It is one of the most beautiful castles in "Rheinland-Pfalz", was the ancestral castle of the counts of Leiningen and was built around 1110. The builder was Emich II of Leiningen. At that time, it was [...]

Burgruine Scharfenberg | Annweiler am Trifels

The ruin Scharfenberg is also called "coin" in the vernacular and is located on the southernmost mountain peaks.

Reichsburg Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels

The Trifels castle was one of the most important castles in the Staufer period in the middle ages. It is situated above the small city Annweiler in the southern Palatinate.

Römisches Weingut Weilberg | Bad Dürkheim

The Roman Villa Weilberg: In 1981, on the side of the Weilburg, a Roman wine press as well as the remains of the largest Roman manor house in the Palatinate were discovered. The main house [...]

Klosterruine Limburg | Bad Dürkheim

Ruined Monastery of Limburg: Situated on a craggy spur overlooking the Isenach Valley is the dominant, one-time Benedictine monastery of the Limburg. It is the setting for one aspect of [...]

Schloss- und Festungsruine Hardenburg | Bad Dürkheim

Hardenburg castle, built in the 13th century, was the ostentatious residence of the Dukes of Leiningen and is one of the biggest castle ruins in the country. With its many towers, stairs and [...]

Castle of Böchingen | Böchingen

After World War 2, the baroque castle was home to a vintners' cooperative until in 1961 its new owner transformed it into a champagne cellar. With its polygonal roof, its broad outside staircase and [...]

Burgruine Neuscharfeneck | Dernbach

One of the most impossing fortresses in the Palatinate. Expanded by Prince Elector Frederick I., it was burned down in the Peasants War, renovated again in 1530, and finally fell into ruins [...]

Sturmfeder'sches Schloss | Dirmstein

The Sturmfeder'sches Schloss is a castle-like mansion from the Baroque period with early classicist elements.It is located in the center of the village and now houses the town hall, the [...]

Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe | Edenkoben

Villa Ludwigshöhe “A villa in the Italianate style, exclusively for the summer months and in the most clement part of the kingdom” – Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben was a dream come true for [...]

castle ruin Madenburg | Eschbach

The castle ruin Madenburg is amongst the largest castle grounds in the Palatinate. Built in the 11th century as an imperial castle, the Madenburg changed owners several times, burned down during the [...]

Leininger Unterhof | Grünstadt

Former castle, residence of the Counts of Leiningen in Obergasse.

Schlössel | Kirrweiler

Today's Schlössel was built in 1768 according to the plans of master builder Leonard Stahl and included the prince-bishop's tithe cellar, which was already built in 1505.