Castles and Palaces along the German Wine Route.

Richard the Lionheart was held captive in Trifels Castle high above the Hohenstaufen town of Annweiler and Hamburg Castle in Neustadt a.d.W. is showcased as the cradle of democracy. The following overview provides information about the many palaces and castles along the German Wine Route. Experience the history of the Palatinate up close in each one of them.

Burg Altleiningen | Altleiningen

It is one of the most beautiful castles in "Rheinland-Pfalz", was the ancestral castle of the counts of Leiningen and was built around 1110. The builder was Emich II of Leiningen. At that time, it was [...]

GESCHLOSSEN Burgruine Scharfenberg | Annweiler am Trifels

The ruin Scharfenberg is also called "coin" in the vernacular and is located on the southernmost mountain peaks.

Trifels Castle | Annweiler am Trifels

Trifels Castle was an important imperial fortress during the time of the Staufer Emperors. It sits above the small town of Annweiler in the south of the Palatinate.

Bad Bergzabern Castle | Bad Bergzabern

Bergzabern Castle is the landmark of the town of Bad Bergzabern and is located in its centre.

Roman Weilberg Winery | Bad Dürkheim

The Romans knew where it was beautiful: in the middle of the sea of vines above the Ungstein district of Bad Dürkheim, a Roman villa with a pedal wine press was uncovered in 1981 as parts of [...]

Limburg monastery ruins | Bad Dürkheim

Driving out of Bad Dürkheim almost takes your breath away. Towering over everything, dominating the valley, are the ruins of the former Benedictine abbey. Did you know that the dates of the [...]

Hardenburg Castle and Fortress Ruins | Bad Dürkheim

The mighty Hardenburg, built in the 13th century, is one of the largest castle ruins in the country. It was a castle, fortress and magnificent residential palace.

Burgruine Battenberg | Battenberg (Pfalz)

Castle ruins with a restaurant and a great view of the ​​vineyards in the German Wine Route region.

Neuscharfeneck Castle ruins | Dernbach

Please note: From 2 October 2019, the castle ruins will remain closed to visitors until further notice. Directly above Dernbach lies Neuscharfeneck Castle ruins, the fourth largest castle in [...]

Sturmfeder'sches Schloss | Dirmstein

The Sturmfeder'sches Schloss is a castle-like mansion from the Baroque period with early classicist elements.It is located in the center of the village and now houses the town hall, the [...]

Bischöfliches Schloss | Dirmstein

A predecessor building, referred to only as a “house”, is documented from 1240, the actual “castle” for the first time on August 11, 1414. During the Peasants' War in 1525, it was razed by local [...]

Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle | Edenkoben

The villa is closed for extensive renovation work until the summer of 2022. For tours of the site, please go to www.schloss-villa-ludwigshoehe.deKing Ludwig I had his summer residence built [...]

Burgruine Elmstein | Elmstein

Elmstein Castle Ruins - Elbenstein Elmstein Castle's early history is unknown, this is true for the year of construction as well as for the original ownership. Only in the 13th century the [...]

Burg Spangenberg | Esthal

Spangenberg Castle  According to legend, Spangenberg Castle was built by "Wilden Kaspar" in the remote, deserted Speyerbach valley in the 11th century. It served as a hiding place for him [...]

Burgruine Breitenstein | Esthal

The castle ruins of Breitenstein are somewhat hidden in the Elmstein Valley and are located on a hillside north of the Speyerbach, opposite the Breitenstein forester's lodge of the same [...]

Burgruine Erfenstein | Esthal

Castle Ruins of Erfenstein The two freely accessible castles of Erfenstein were built north of the Speyerbach stream on the eastern end of Wasserstein Mountain at an altitude of 265 metres [...]

Leininger Unterhof | Grünstadt

Former castle, residence of the Counts of Leiningen in Obergasse.

Leininger Oberhof | Grünstadt

Former castle of the Counts of Leiningen