Outsiders sometimes struggle to understand the "Pälzer Sprooch", the local Palatinate dialect. This is a Rhenish-Franconian dialect.

And so they should! The Palatinate people would never dream of speaking differently to how they "de Schnawwel gewachse ist", literally "have grown up talking". On the contrary: They are firmly convinced that they speak the purest German.


Would you like to learn a few words of Palatinate dialect?


"Keschde" – sweet chestnuts

"Alla Hopp" – a multifunctional expression meaning: agreed, see you, let's go and much more!

"Schobbe"- a half-litre glass

"Grumbeere"- potatoes

"Halt die Gosch!"- Be quiet!

"Hawwe"- pot

"Lewwerworschd"- liver sausage

"Reidschul" – carousel

"Schdrimb"- socks

"Deerschlenk"- door handle

"Gäälrieb"- carrot

"Drauwekiwwel" – grape bucket, a vessel used in grape harvests


Learn the Palatinate dialect with "Haardtware"

Haardtware is a company that has a number of different "Schobbe" for learning the Palatinate dialect. You can purchase them at a number of Tourist Information offices along the German Wine Route so that you can take a real piece of Palatinate culture home with you and practise the language and drinking at home before your forthcoming holiday.