From the Rhine ...

The eastern part of the German Wine Route crosses the Rhine Plain. The country is flat here and the landscape is characterised by market gardening. There are very few hiking trails here, although this section is ideal for leisure cycling as there are very few gradients. There are a number of direct-sellers in this area and you can buy fruit and vegetables directly from the producer.

Simply plan a wonderful cycle tour through the Rhine Plain as far as the Wine Route and the Palatinate Forest.



... to the wine ...

The name of the German Wine Route says it all, with wine being the dominant product in our region. It shapes the natural world, the region's culture and the people. It orders the entire country with its cross-hatched patterns.

The vineyards are generally east-facing; with the Palatinate Forest protecting them from bad weather, they soak up the sun throughout the entire year. The wine-growers can then reap the fruits of their labour in September and October. This is when there is most going on along the German Wine Route and it can often be tricky to find accommodation without booking in advance. And in the spring, at almond blossom-time, the first freshly-bottled wines can be tasted and purchased.

The topography is much more challenging here – the foothills of the Palatinate Forest can be felt particularly from north to south and the land rises and falls. Of course, it's fantastic for hiking! Gently undulating hills covered in vineyards, quaint wine-growing villages and the Palatinate Forest as a backdrop.

The German Wine Route and the Palatinate wine-growing region have so many aspects just waiting for you to discover them.



... to the forest

The landscape in the west of the German Wine Route is dominated by the Palatinate Forest, the largest continuous forest in Germany. Innumerable castles perched atop mountain peaks, rustic lodges serving food and drink and kilometre after kilometre of hiking trails shape this part of the Wine Route.

Hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding, trekking ... all this and so much more here. The focus is very much on hiking here. No wonder, because there are many beautiful natural sights here, historic places and lodges serving food and drink, interconnected by a dense network of hiking trails.

Would you like to explore the Palatinate Forest on one of these many hiking trails? - Not a problem!