Facts and figures about the climate along the German Wine Route:

The region around the German Wine Route enjoys around 1,800 hours of sunshine or 225 days of sun every year.

The Haardt mountains, the eastern edge of the Palatinate Forest, offers protection from the wind and weather. The region also benefits from the Rhine Plain in the east and acts as a funnel for warm air from the south.

In hardly any other region of Germany is there such a rich number of Mediterranean and exotic plants.

There are tens of thousands of sweet chestnut trees along the edge of the Haardt region, which only thrive in mild winter climates.

The average growing season is 180 days with the average temperature being 16 degrees centigrade.

The average annual rainfall is around 530 l/m. By comparison, in Hamburg there is 715 mm and in Munich as much as 955 mm.


And how do we and you benefit from this?

The abundance of sunshine and the good weather have a positive effect on the land and people. Plants, which would otherwise only grow in the Mediterranean region, flourish and thrive here. This also has an effect on the people, who are very hospitable and open and love enjoying life.

Best of all, come and see it for yourself!