German Wine Route Trekking Camp-sites

Leave civilization behind – head off on an adventure! Pack your backpack and your tent. Head off to where trees form your roof and soft forest paths replace hard pavements, where you'll find undisturbed tranquillity.

Don't you sometimes dream of leaving civilisation behind? Taking only the absolute essentials with you, seeking out a place in untouched nature and cooking your food on a camp-fire? Our trekking camp-sites in the Palatinate Forest will make your dream come true! Thirteen idyllic sites, equipped only with a camp-fire and a toilet, as well as space for a maximum of six tents, are just waiting for you to discover them! It's up to you whether you want to head off on an adventure in the Donnersberg or Lautrer region: in a densely wooded region, shaped by the Celts and the Romans. Or seek out the untouched landscape of the Palatinate Forest, where bizarre sandstone cliffs, awe-inspiring castle ruins and strange connected humps of woodland characterise the landscape. ... read more