German Wine Route Hiking Trail

Enjoy with all your senses!

Along its 100 kilometre length, you'll experience countryside that irresistibly gets your legs and heart moving. Heading from north to south, the German Wine Route Hiking Trail passes through open, gently undulating wine-growing countryside. The neatly pruned rows of vines, idyllic tree-lined avenues, as well as charming villages nestling amidst the fields, cannot fail to make every hiker's heart beat a little faster. A wealth of things to see and do from different eras and famous wine-growing villages encourage visitors to stop off and linger awhile. ... read more

Pfälzer Weinsteig (Palatinate Wine Trail)

Wonderful tour alternating between forests and vineyards!

172 kilometres of alternating vineyards and forests. Rocky outcrops offering magnificent views over the Rhine Plain, wonderful forest paths and pretty wine-growing villages – the elements that make up the Palatinate Weinsteig Wine Trail. From picturesque Neuleiningen in the north of the German Wine Route, this award-winning hiking trail leads all the way to Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the south, near the border with Alsace. ... read more

Chestnut 'Keschde' Trail

Hiking paradise through forests of chestnut trees!

The 56-kilometre long Keschde Trail leads through the Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve out into the sun-kissed wine-producing countryside. Starting at Hauenstein, it passes bizarre rock formations on its way to Annweiler. With a view over to the imperial stronghold of Trifels Castle, the Keschde Trail continues on towards the German Wine Route. It passes through pretty wine-making villages as it heads north towards the Villa Ludwigshöhe Palace, the summer residence of King Ludwig I, and ends at Hambach Castle, also known as "Keschdeburg", or Chestnut Castle by locals. ... read more

Palatinate Almond Trail

The Springtime Trail!

A 77-kilometre long pink-coloured trail from Bad Dürkheim to Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the German Wine Route. Prepared to be captivated in March by the earliest spring in Germany, by the pinkish-red tints of magical blossom, from the Palatinate wines and the charm of the Palatinate vineyard landscape. However, the Palatinate Almond Trail is also an attractive long-distance trail at other times of the year – not just in spring. It is hard to experience the Palatinate wine-growing and cultural landscape more consciously and more authentically, at the same time as living and breathing the soul of the Palatinate at first hand. ... read more

German Wine Route Tour Planner

Visit our "Tours" portal for more suggestions about tours and hiking trails along the German Wine Route and in the Palatinate Forest. ... read more