"German Wine Route Hiking Trail" Package

Enjoyment with all your senses: this is what our "German Wine Route Hiking Trail" offers.

Enjoy a leisurely week-long hike from the German Wine Gate in Bockenheim to the German Wine Gate in Schweigen. En route, pay a visit to Hambach Palace and the Villa Ludwigshöhe Palace, take in a wine-tasting and savour a Wine Route menu and enjoy the warm welcome and hospitality offered by various hosts in the idyllic villages along the German Wine Route. Finally travel back to your starting point conveniently by rail. ... read more

"Pfälzer Weinsteig (Palatinate Wine Trail)" Package

Forest adventure high above the escarpment of the Upper Rhine Gorge with breathtaking views over the sea of vineyards extending along the German Wine Route – all this awaits you along the Palatinate Weinsteig Wine Trail.

It is the changing landscape between the Palatinate Forest and the wine-growing region that gives this hiking package its unique allure. It starts in Neustadt and climbs to the highest peak of the Palatinate Forest – the Kalmit. The trail then winds on through picturesque wine-growing villages, along cliffs offering outstanding views and onward to Trifels Imperial Castle – definitely not to be missed. Romantic castle ruins accompany the next section of the trail, with awe-inspiring vistas over the Rhine Plain providing interesting changes of view. Take advantage of the all-inclusive service including luggage transport and hearty hikers' breakfasts. ... read more