Llama Hiking along the German Wine Route

Llamas have an extraordinary aura: they are very sociable, calm and friendly. It is these qualities that have a calming and relaxing effect on us as human beings.

Prepare yourself for a unique encounter. Switch down a gear and enjoy a eventful tour along the German Wine Route or in the Palatinate Forest with these extraordinary incomers from South America. Whether as a birthday treat, a company outing or just with friends, fun is guaranteed and you'll be doing your health, your soul and your body some good as well. ... read more

Hiking Marathon in the Palatinate Forest

43 km Ultimate Hiking Experience – the Palatinate Forest Hiking Marathon.

Each year, on the last weekend in October, the Palatinate Forest Hiking Marathon attracts sporting enthusiasts to the German Wine Route. The challenging 43-kilometre route runs from the high plateau in Johanniskreuz to the Biosphere Centre in Fischbach/Dahn. It passes through extensive beech and oak forests, past the Devil's Table, the landmark of the Palatinate Forest, to the Dahn cliff paradise. There is also a half-marathon route in Johanniskreuz and in Fischbach for enthusiasts of the shorter distance. ... read more