Operated huts and cabins in the Palatinate Forest

Without the Palatinate hikers' huts, the Palatinate Forest would be nowhere near as welcoming, least of all for all the hikers who drop in at them. A Palatinate institution, partly run by volunteers from the Palatinate Forest Society or by the Friends of Nature Society, where a dish of hearty food awaits you: "Saumagen" (stuffed pig's stomache), liver dumplings, homemade Palatinate sausages or a hearty stew.

Weinwanderhütte Asselheim | Grünstadt

The Weinwanderhütte is hosted by Asselheim winegrowers and associations on the weekends from April to mid-October.

Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

The Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof in Carlsberg is a popular destination in the northern Palatinate Forest.

Alex Weinlounge | Herxheim am Berg

Welcome to 212 N.N.! Self-service restaurant with wines from the Herxheim winegrowers' cooperative and fine delicacies, also vegetarian. Enjoy to your heart's content, outdoors or in the [...]

"Zum Jagdschloss" | Höningen

A barrier-free restaurant allows a hiking stop. Have also a room for Events. 100 seats inside and 100 seats outside

Winzerstuben Weick - Restaurant | Kallstadt

Typical Palatinate inn with Saumagen in the glass and on the plate. But not only that, we also spoil you with asparagus, game, fish ... depending on the season ...

| Kallstadt

One of a total of 12 remaining Bismarck towers in Rhineland-Palatinate. The 36 m high observation tower stands on the 493.5 m high Peterskopf on the eastern edge of the Palatinate Forest (= [...]

Bürgerstube & Gemeinschaftshaus Lambrecht | Lambrecht (Pfalz)

The "Bürgerstube & Gemeinschaftshaus Lambrecht (Pfalz)" is located in the middle of the old cloth-making town of Lambrecht (Pfalz), in the beautiful Palatinate Forest. We offer seasonal and [...]

Waldhaus Lambertskreuz | Lambrecht (Pfalz)

The "Waldhaus Lambertskreuz" near Lambrecht (Pfalz) in the heart of the natural paradise Palatinate Forest, traditionally enjoys great popularity with hikers, mountain bikers, riders, Nordic [...]