Operated huts and cabins in the Palatinate Forest

Without the Palatinate hikers' huts, the Palatinate Forest would be nowhere near as welcoming, least of all for all the hikers who drop in at them. A Palatinate institution, partly run by volunteers from the Palatinate Forest Society or by the Friends of Nature, where a dish of hearty food awaits you: "Saumagen" (stuffed pig's stomache), liver dumplings, homemade Palatinate sausage or a hearty stew.

Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

Partner company  of Biosphere Reserve Palatine Forest "Guest House", Minigolf, Kneipp facility, billiards, sauna, bowling alleys

"Zum Jagdschloss" | Höningen

A barrier-free restaurant allows a hiking stop. Have also a room for Events. 100 seats inside and 100 seats outside

Kalmithaus | Maikammer

The Kalmithaus can be reached via the L 515. Exit Maikammer-Alsterweiler, Kalmithöhenstraße, Kalmit-Parkplatz. After a short, somewhat more difficult or longer and very comfortable walk, [...]

Totenkopfhütte | Maikammer

The Totenkopfhütte (height 513 m) lies on the L 514, which leads from Maikammer via St. Martin and the Totenkopf into the Elmsteiner valley. It is a perfect starting point and destination [...]