Operated huts and cabins in the Palatinate Forest

Without the Palatinate hikers' huts, the Palatinate Forest would be nowhere near as welcoming, least of all for all the hikers who drop in at them. A Palatinate institution, partly run by volunteers from the Palatinate Forest Society or by the Friends of Nature Society, where a dish of hearty food awaits you: "Saumagen" (stuffed pig's stomache), liver dumplings, homemade Palatinate sausages or a hearty stew.

Naturfreundehaus Kohlbachtal | Elmstein

The Kohlbachtal Nature Friends House is located in the middle of the Palatinate Forest, in a side valley of the Elmstein Valley, 297 metres above sea level. The house is an ideal hiking [...]

Zur Waldtante | Elmstein

Beautiful restaurant with a cosy ambience, in the Elmstein district of Iggelbach. Invites you to linger and enjoy.

Hotel-Restaurant "Waldschlössel" | Elmstein

The "Waldschlössel" guesthouse is idyllically situated in the Palatinate Forest. Not far from Johanniskreuz, you can enjoy regional specialities and Palatinate hospitality here. 

Waldschänke Hornesselwiese | Elmstein

The Waldschänke Hornesselwiese is located in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park in a scenic and quiet location. Away from noise and traffic, in the midst of a wonderful stream, meadow and [...]

Gaststätte "Stilles Tal" | Elmstein

The restaurant "Stilles Tal" is located in the middle of the Palatinate Forest. If you like it a little quiet and secluded, this is the right place for you. You can enjoy fresh fish and game [...]

Gasthaus "Waldesruhe" | Elmstein

The " Inn Waldesruhe" is located in the small village of Schwarzbach, in the middle of the Palatinate Forest, in the Elmstein Valley. If you like it quiet and tranquil, this is exactly the [...]

Forsthaus Breitenstein | Esthal

The Forsthaus Breitenstein is idyllically situated in the Palatinate Forest. Easily accessible for hikers, pilgrims or mountain bikers. Spend a few cosy hours in our beer garden or our [...]

Burgschänke Burg Spangenberg | Esthal

Burgschänke Spangenberg Castle Enjoy a few pleasant hours in a special ambience in our castle tavern. SPANGENBERG KNIGHTS' BANQUET: Enjoy a six-course menu in our rustic castle tavern - an [...]

Gaststätte "Sportheim ASV Esthal" | Esthal

Visit our forest- and sports restaurant in the middle of the Palatinate Forest.We offer Mediterranean, Italian and German cuisine. In addition, we offer fine wines and beers.

Wolfsschluchthütte | Esthal

The Wolfsschluchthütte in the Breitenbachtal, near the municipality of Esthal, is the cosy hiking rest stop of the Pfälzerwald-Verein OG Esthal. It is very easy to reach via many hiking [...]