GPS Expedition in Bad Dürkheim

Mysterious GPS Treasure Hunt in the Bad Dürkheim Vineyards!

Head off on a hunt for the wine-louse pirates in the Bad Dürkheim vineyards, armed only with modern GPS equipment! Unearth millennia-old secrets of the (vini-)cultural landscape and look back over millions of years to the birth of the Alps, the Rhine and the Palatinate Forest. At the end, the brave hunters will stand in front of thetreasure chest and answer the all-important question: are the cleverly-calculated numerical codes stolen from the pirates actually the right ones to open the locks of the treasure trove? ... read more

Geocaching on the Southern Wine Route

Interactive treasure hunt in Landau and its surroundings!

Head off on a treasure hunt along the Southern Wine Route. Explore the market town of Landau, solve a series of clues and tasks around Madenburg Castle or discover different caches on the Vintners' Cycle Route in the countryside around Landau. ... read more

Letterboxing in Elmstein

Great fun for the whole family!

Head off armed with only a map and compass in search of the secretly hidden letterboxes in the Elmstein Valley. The major challenge is to interpret the complicated puzzles, the clues, correctly, to find "where" the treasure is hidden. Fun for the whole family! By the way, the first letterbox was hidden in Germany in June 2002 – , in the Palatinate Forest, to be more precise. Since then, various new fans of this fascinating hobby have hidden letterboxes throughout Germany. ... read more