Palatinate Dishes To Cook at Home

It is nothing short of a miracle that, despite a wealth of international influences, the excellent cooking traditions along the German Wine Route have not been lost. The people of the Palatinate region have always drawn inspiration from foreign cooking, which ultimately has blended very well with its regional cuisine. However, the region does not just offer traditional dishes. Thanks to its mild climate, many southern fruits can be grown in the Palatinate, which, in turn, generate endless cooking possibilities for creative chefs. Modern Palatinate cuisine does not ignore its traditional roots – yet still offers modern, often Mediterranean-styled dishes. The Palatinate gourmet year starts at the end of April, when the first asparagus is cut. A further highlight comes in autumn with the advent of the game season and the new wine being poured into barrels. We hope you enjoy trying out these dishes at home and savouring the Palatinate recipes from the German Wine Route.

Palatinate Saumagen fried pig's stomach sausage

When it comes to meat, "Saumagen" is probably the most typical Palatinate dish with an almost legendary reputation. You'll not meet anything like it elsewhere in the world. Admittedly, our pig's stomach sausage takes a little effort and requires a love of cooking, as well as a healthy appetite – not to mention a healthy thirst. But it's worth trying it in any form, whether simply boiled in the traditional way, slowly braised or alternatively sliced and pan-fried. And what's more, when you've tried it once, you'll make it again and again! ... read more

Palatinate Chestnut Soup

Chestnuts, charmingly called "Keschde" in the Palatinate region, are the ripe brown fruit of the sweet chestnut tree and grow wild on the slopes of the Palatinate Forest. In autumn you can collect sackfuls of them and then prepare them in a number of different ways – sweet or savoury. A chestnut soup, made with a meaty stock, is delicious as well as nutritious, and is often served before Sunday roast. ... read more

Palatinate Meatballs

These round hearty meatballs are as much part and parcel of Palatinate feast days as the traditional "last-drink-before-home" around the regulars' table in the local tavern! There are said to be villages where all 250 inhabitants happily tuck into six to eight meatballs served with horseradish relish every Sunday. Naturally, meatballs taste different from family to family – and every young lad swears blind that his mother's meatballs are the best in the world. Of course they are! ... read more

Palatinate Cream Cake

Palatinate cuisine offers a wide variety of sweet delicacies alongside its heartier dishes. One of the best-known and most popular is the Palatinate Cream Cake, which is simple to make and, precisely because of its local roots, has become one of the most traditional specialities along the German Wine Route. ... read more

Smoked organic salmon roulade served in herb pancakes

The German Wine Route is a region that simply cannot fail to give you a good appetite, quite possibly because you'll find everything you need in the kitchen growing in lavish abundance, as demonstrated by its fresh and regional cuisine and its local delicacies. Smoked organic salmon roulade served in herb pancakes is a delicious example of the wonderful combination of exceptional culinary creations with local produce from the region. ... read more

Palatinate Lamb Duo – Zweierlei vom Pfälzer Lamm

Unusual dishes also find their way onto the menu along the German Wine Route, illustrating the broad diversity of regional cuisine. An example of this is the "Palatinate Lamb Duo" creation. ... read more