Palatinate Hüttenzauber Forest Restaurants

The Palatinate Forest would be nowhere near as welcoming, least of all for all the hikers who drop in there, without the Palatinate forest restaurants, known as Hüttenzauber. A Palatinate institution, partly run by volunteers from the Palatinate Forestry Society or by the Friends of Nature. A hearty meal is always on the menu: Saumagen, liver dumplings, homemade Palatinate sausages or a hearty stew. 

Palatinate Forestry Society

The Palatinate Forestry Society is dedicated to preserving Nature intact. The results of its work include the natural and sensible organisation of leisure and recreation, a number of nature conservation campaigns in the Biosphere Reserve and an attempt to generate a sense of mutual understanding. This starts with the Palatinate Ramblers Association "German Hiking Youth" group, continues with family-friendly adventure hikes, monthly, teaching and OAP hikes as well as cycle tours and hiking weeks in Germany and abroad. ... read more

Rhineland-Palatinate Friends of Nature

The Friends of Nature also look back on a long history and celebrated their centenary in 2005. Worldwide, the Friends of Nature run around 1,000 lodges, houses and hotels, often located in varied landscapes and protected areas. This unique network has been built up throughout the 20th century largely due to the members' own work and is constantly being further extended. Friends of Nature accommodation and facilities, from simple hiking cabins to family and meeting houses, are open to anyone, are especially group- and family-friendly and are managed with an environmentally aware approach. ... read more


Forest hut on the Ringelsberghütte | Frankweiler

Up above the village Frankweiler walkers will not only find spectacular panoramic views across the Rhine plain but also a place to recover from their walk up. On Sundays the forest hut [...]

Weinwanderhütte Asselheim | Grünstadt

The Weinwanderhütte is hosted by Asselheim winegrowers and associations on the weekends from April to mid-October.

Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof | Hertlingshausen

The Naturfreundehaus Rahnenhof in Carlsberg is a popular destination in the northern Palatinate Forest.

"Zum Jagdschloss" | Höningen

A barrier-free restaurant allows a hiking stop. Have also a room for Events. 100 seats inside and 100 seats outside

Bürgerstube & Gemeinschaftshaus Lambrecht | Lambrecht (Pfalz)

The "Bürgerstube & Gemeinschaftshaus Lambrecht (Pfalz)" is located in the middle of the old cloth-making town of Lambrecht (Pfalz), in the beautiful Palatinate Forest. We offer seasonal and [...]

Waldhaus Lambertskreuz | Lambrecht (Pfalz)

The "Waldhaus Lambertskreuz" near Lambrecht (Pfalz) in the heart of the natural paradise Palatinate Forest, traditionally enjoys great popularity with hikers, mountain bikers, riders, Nordic [...]

Forsthaus Silbertal | Lindenberg

The Silbertal forester's lodge is located in the Mittelhaardt, in the wine & holiday region of Deidesheim in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, 410 m above sea level. Situated in the [...]

Schützenhaus Maikammer | Maikammer

The Waldgaststätte Schützenhaus Maikammer is a popular place for a day out. Delicious burgers - Palatinate cuisine - tarte flambée - schnitzel & more

Winzerhof Ernst Straußwirtschaft | Maikammer

Our Straußwirtschaft (= Temporarily operated bar in which own [new] wine is served) is open for you from mid-May. During the summer months, traditional Palatinate dishes are served in our [...]

Totenkopfhütte | Maikammer

The Totenkopfhütte (height 513 m) is a popular destination. It is easily accessible by car and has been certified barrier-free since 2017. There is a playground with a climbing wall for [...]

Kalmithaus | Maikammer

Whether hikers, mountain bikers, families or lovers of the Palatinate nature, everyone is invited to have a rest and to feel comfortable in our Kalmithaus on the 673m high Kalmit peak.

Lichtensteinhütte | Neidenfels

The Lichtensteinhütte is the hut of the Pfälzerwaldverein Neidenfels. The hut is located near the castle ruins of Neidenfels and Lichtenstein. It is very easy to reach on foot. It offers [...]

Naturfreundehaus Heidenbrunnertal | Neustadt/Weinstrasse

In the middle of the shady forest, conveniently located and easily accessible for hikers, cars, buses, (parking lot at the house) at the enterance to the Palatinate Forest Nature Park is [...]