The "Fig Exchange" and the Palatinate Fig Weeks

The fig, a fruit dedicated to the gods in ancient times, grows and flourishes along the German Wine Route thanks to its mild climate.
The popular fruit is widely used in Palatinate cuisine and is a key element shaping this region's culinary uniqueness.

The "Fig Exchange"

The "Palatine Fig Exchange" was set up as a trading platform to ensure that people who love them can also enjoy them. Anyone looking for figs to make delicious dishes and home-made treats simply registers their request, as does anyone offering figs for sale. And it's so easy to register your request online simply by clicking on the box on the right under "Fig Exchange" and logging your request! ... read more

Fig Weeks

Thanks to our mild southern climate, the Palatinate lives up to its name as a "fig paradise". During this season, a number of restaurants and confectioners offer a wide range of unique and exclusive products and dishes centred around figs. ... read more