Culinary Experiences


The "cittaslow" slow movement in Deidesheim

Deidesheim is taking its foot off the accelerator. It's one of eight "cittaslow" towns in Germany to have signed up to the international association that focuses on improving the quality of life in towns making it the natural home of the Palatinate approach to life. ... read more

Petit Salon du Chocolat

The Petit Salon du Chocolat in Neustadt an der Weinstraße

The growing number of culinary experiences along the German Wine Route never ceases to deliver pleasurable surprises. One of the most tempting of them is the Petit Salon du Chocolat in Neustadt a.d.W. with leading chocolatiers from all over Europe. ... read more

Historic Route du Chocolat

The Chocolate Route

The world's sweetest route leads from Retzwiller in the Alsace, close to the Swiss border, to Bad Bergzabern in the Southern Palatinate. A total of 40 confectioners and chocolatiers line the route and visitors can drop in to discover the art of chocolate-making and, naturally, taste the various tempting sweet treats. ... read more

Culinary Germany

Have a look at the saumagen, the traditional dish of the palatinate, in a Video of Germanytourism.

The local dish of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saumagen, was invented in the 18th century by farmers. They wanted a roast on Sundays, but could not afford a joint piece of meat. So they took a stomach of a swine and stuffed it with meat and vegetables. Today the Saumagen is far from being poor man’s food. ... read more

Parkfest | Bad Dürkheim


Wurstmarkt - The world's greatest wine festival | Bad Dürkheim


It's one of the largest, most traditional and entertaining public festivals in Germany. It is over 570 years old, and still as young as ever - the Dürkheim festival of festivals - the main event [...] ... weiter zur Veranstaltung

Birkweiler winespring | Birkweiler


Fest der offenen Höfe | Bissersheim


Dorfkerwe | Bobenheim am Berg


Weinkerwe | Deidesheim


Kulinarische Spargelwanderung | Erpolzheim


Gönnheimer Kerwe | Gönnheim


festival | Heuchelheim-Klingen


Kalmitwinefestival | Ilbesheim b. Landau


Summer is the time for winefestivalsMild summernights with warm tempature are ideal for drinking a fresh glas of white wine or a glas of sparkling palatinate prosecco and have a romantic look at [...] ... weiter zur Veranstaltung