Huts in the Palatinate Forest

The hut is the Destination

Without the numerous mountain huts, nature friend's houses, castle taverns and forest inns, the Palatinate Forest would not be half as inviting, at least not for all the hikers who stop here. Here you'll find solid food on the table: pig's stomach, liver dumplings, Palatinate home-style cooking or a hearty stew.

The Palatinate Forest huts, a Palatinate institution, are partly run by volunteers from the Palatinate Forest Association or the Friends of Nature. That's why they are usually only open at weekends. Some are also open on Wednesdays. However, seasonal opening times can always vary, so it is advisable to check the opening times directly with the hut before starting your hike.


Naturfreunde Rheinland-Pfalz

Naturefriends' houses, from simple hikers' huts to family and seminar…
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Palatinate Forest Association

The Palatinate Forest Association is dedicated to nature.
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