The Southern Palatinate Rail Trolley Track

Swap your two-wheeler for a 4- or 6-wheeler on your cycling holiday to try out a hand-operated trolley along the German Wine Route. Your family holiday on rails will get under way on four or six wheels.

One of the most fun-filled and healthiest rail tracks in the region is to be found between Bornheim near Landau and Lingenfeld. Trains no longer run here, rather hand-operated trolleys carrying happy carefree passengers. And three of them need "good legs", as they sit on the saddles and turn the pedals to get the party rolling along. You decide when you want to take a break, stop off at will at interesting things to see and do or at tempting cafés and restaurants, simply parking your trolley at the side of the track. ... read more

Record your personal best with the Stoppomat

Are you a competitive cyclist and want to see what you're really made of? And want to do so on a really "tough" stretch?

Then it's just got to be the Kalmit, at 673 metres the highest peak in the Palatinate Forest. And you'll "immortalise" your performance with the Stoppomat! A Stoppomat is a timing recording device, which competitive cyclists can use to measure their own performance against the performances of others for free (!). Anyone can record his or her personal best time on the Palatinate Stoppomat run, whether on a mountain bike, racing bike, folding bike, running or even walking. And without having to carry around equipment, cables or plugs. ... read more

Kalmit Folding Bike Cup

The promoters of this special cycling event call their event "An inexhaustible degree of friendly madness" – there's nothing we can add to that! You simply have to experience it to understand it.

Only folding bikes without gears are allowed to compete in the Kalmit Folding Bike Cup. This is a unique feature in itself. But you've really got to see who and what actually rides these folding bikes. Every year the promoters come up with quirky taglines for the competition and encourage the participants to turn up in the wackiest costumes and get-ups! A memorable experience! ... read more