"German Wine Route Experience Day"

The German Wine Route is given over to cyclists, skaters and fans of the finest Palatinate wine on this 'open day' held on the last Sunday in August.

80 kilometres of the Wine Route are opened up as a wide boulevard for cyclists, as a music event and one of the longest wine festivals in Germany. Cars are banned from the route on this day. "Royal Palatinate" was the slogan of the last German Wine Route Day in 2013. Alongside the wine, always the focus of life in the Palatinate, the Wine Route Day was given over to "Palatinate royalty" – and by that we don't just mean the many Wine Queens and Princesses. Many people of distinction in the Palatinate were out and about along the Wine Route on this day.Wine Queen, Almond Blossom Queen, Miss Straw Hat, Miss Kusel Fair Queen were just a few of the over 50 personalities who thronged amongst the people on this day. The route passes through picturesque wine villages and enchanting vineyard landscapes. Wine, sparkling wine and regional specialities are for sale right along the route. The party livens up on the village square of the villages involved with the Wine Route Day and stage performances presented by SWR and PRP feature regional bands. ... read more

Mountain Bike Race in Neustadt a.d.W.

In addition to the Palatinate Forest Mountain Bike Park, the SIGMA SPORT Mountain Bike Race held in Neustadt every year in August offers the very finest trails for beginners and more advanced cyclists.

The mountain bike race to win the Sigma XC trophy, held every year in August, climbs around the Haardt playground in Neustadt a.d.W. The race is part of the MTB German Cup series. With its "German Mountain Biking Cup", the Association of German Cyclists (BDR) has launched another series in the Olympic cross-country discipline. Alongside trails for the athletic recreational and amateur mountain bikers with a racing licence, unlicensed cyclists can also take part in a separate race. ... read more

"Sleepless in the Saddle"

A race like no other: in the "Sleepless in the Saddle" race, participants race through the forest – without stars, in fancy dress, many dressed as women! Obviously men! SIS has become a cult.

Follow the link for the whole truth – it'll be worth your while. ... read more